Definitions for "Multi"
Multi is a test tool that generates test ideas from boolean and rational operators. It is written in Java, and includes both a GUI, applet, and command-line utility.
a really great idea for anybody who is out there lifting weights or hitting the cardio hard every day
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(See "Combi")
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a snapshot of the complete state of OASYS PCI, storing all the mixer channel settings and Program, Effect and I/O assignments, plus all the parameter settings of the assigned Programs and Effects themselves
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Short for multilayer(s) pcb(s).
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a bad product, but it is an over-hyped, over-priced, and very average one
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MULTI is a cross platform integrated development environment for C and C++. It is from Green Hills Software. As a cross platform application, MULTI runs Windows, Linux and Solaris.
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many ("multiflora" = "many-flowered" / "multicaulis" = "many-trunked")
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Selects Multi-Track Recording in Sequencer Mode. Click here for details.
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See multicore
many multicellular