Definitions for "Pcb "
Pcb is a handy tool for the X Window System to design printed circuit boards. All coordinate units are 1/1000 inch. A layout consists of lines, arcs, polygons, elements , vias, and text information seperated into several layers. Each of them is identified by a unique name and color . SMD circuits are also supported.
A flat board made of fiberglass or plastic, on which chips and electronic components are interconnected via copper pathways. The primary PCB in a system is called a system board or motherboard, while smaller ones that plug into the slots in the main board are called riser boards or cards.
A type of circuit board which has conducting tracks superimposed, or "printed", on one or both sides, and may also contain internal signal layers and power and ground planes. An alternative name, Printed Wire Board (PWB), is commonly used in America.
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rinter ircuit oard
PCB stands for rinted ircuit oard. In electronic applications, this is the card onto which the electronic components are placed.
PDT C ontrol oard
Poly-chlorinated Biphenyl. A compound in common use for several years (banned production in 1979) that was developed and used for dielectric fluid in electrical switch gear and transformers, heat transfer fluid, and turbine lube.
See polychlorinated biphenal. pesticide Chemicals used to kill pests, such as herbicides to kill weeds and plants; insecticides to kill insects; or fungicides to kill fungi and other micro-organisms.
polychlorinated biphenyl
oly hlorinated iphenyls, a class of chemicals linked to developmental defects. (More? Defects - Chemical Notes)
oly hlorinated iphenyl, a synthetic, organic chemical once widely used in electrical equipment, specialized hydraulic systems, heat transfer systems, and other industrial products. Highly toxic and a potent carcinogen. Any hazardous wastes that contain more than 50 parts per million of PCBs are subject to regulation under the Toxic Substances Control Act.
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Parc Cientí fic de Barcelona
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Program communication block. An IMS control block which describes an application program's interface to an IMS database. Process Control Block. A PCB defines the application program interface of a region in the system using TCAM
Usually found in hazardous waste sites, PCB's can cause liver damage and cancer.
Pollution Control Bond. A tax exempt security issued by a state, certain agencies or authorities, a local government or development corporation to finance the construction of air or water pollution control facilities or sewage or solid waste disposal facilities pursuant to Federal law and backed by the credit of the pollution control entity rather than the credit of the Issuer.
PCB is a long-lasting substance which is foreign to nature. So far, most of the negative effects have been seen in fish and birds. As PCB passes through food chains, it finally also affects human beings. At the present time, all animals and human beings have this type of environmental toxin stored in their bodies.
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Proposed Committee Bill
Professional Capacity Building program.