Definitions for "FIC"
A shortened form of "fanfic". Has an even broader meaning than "fanfic".
Fanfiction - a story written by a fan, based upon a mainstream series/book/cartoon Back to Abbreviations
(short for "fiction") usually paired with "fan" (fanfic) or "gen" (genfic)
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes
Abbreviation for: flight information centre Fr: FIC
(Flight Information Centre) The flight information centre provides pilots in skyguide’s airspace with information on air safety, such as the general air traffic situation, weather conditions and the state of ground-based installations.
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Fast Information Channel. The FIC is used for overhead and control information. In particular it is used to send the Multiplex Configuration Information (MCI).
Fast Information Channel: part of the transmission frame, comprising the Fast Information Blocks, which contains the multiplex configuration information together with optional service Information and data service components.
Fast Idle Control
Fogarty International Center (NIH)
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Flying Instructor Course Instructor
Factory Insulated Composite. Generic name for insulated composite and façade panels.
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First Indian Corporation
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Field Installation Charge.