Definitions for "Fan"
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An instrument used for producing artificial currents of air, by the wafting or revolving motion of a broad surface
An instrument for cooling the person, made of feathers, paper, silk, etc., and often mounted on sticks all turning about the same pivot, so as when opened to radiate from the center and assume the figure of a section of a circle.
Any revolving vane or vanes used for producing currents of air, in winnowing grain, blowing a fire, ventilation, etc., or for checking rapid motion by the resistance of the air; a fan blower; a fan wheel.
A fan-shaped sedimentary deposit that forms where rapidly flowing water enters a relatively open, flat area. As water slows down, it deposits sediment and gradually builds a fan. See alluvial fan.
An essential accessory for women, especially in 18thC Europe, used to create a breeze and to communicate modesty, coyness or discreet flirting. The rigid fans of the ancient civilisations and Renaissance Europe have a long handle topped by a leaf of parchment, fabric or feathers within a rigid frame. Folding fans originated in China and came to Europe with the Portuguese in the 15thC. Ribs of bone or similar material are covered with a pleated, semicircular leaf of paper, silk or lace. Brisé fans are made entirely of overlapping ribs of ivory, mother-of-pearl or bone with a ribbon threaded through the upper ends. (Brisé is French for 'folding'.) A cockade fan can be pleated or brisé but opens out into a complete circle
Wedge-shaped body of sediment (usually sand and gravel) with a roughly semicircular map pattern and a gentle to steep upper surface that slopes away from the head or apex of the body.
Financial Aid Notification. is an official document issued by the Financial Aid Office that lists all of the financial aid awarded to the student. This letter provides details on their analysis of your financial need and the breakdown of your financial aid package according to amount, source, and type of aid. The FAN letter will include the terms and conditions for the financial aid and information about the cost of attendance. Students are required to access the myUNT portal to indicate whether they accept or decline each source of aid.
Financial Aid Notification - The Financial Aid award letter a student receives from the University of Kentucky which details the financial aid that you are eligible to receive for the academic period, e.g. Fall and Spring terms.
Financial Aid Notification. See Award Letter.
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Someone who enjoys a particular TV series and/or a particular kind of TV genre. Jody and I are fans of buddy and team action-adventure, western and science-fiction series.
someone who reads or writes fan fiction, or just enjoys the original book/movie/show enough to know more about it than the average person.
(1) A basic figure used in the International Style Rumba and Cha Cha, incorporating the Fan Position.(2) A swivel taken on one foot, ended with the free foot pointing to the side. Figura básica utilizada en Rumba Cha Cha en el Estilo Internacional, que incluyen la Posición Fan . (2) Giro que se realiza sobre un pié, finalizando con el pié libre apuntando lateralmente.
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Fuerza Armada Nacional
annihilation; passing away. The way-station in which the changing spiritual and psychological states of the voyagers disappear and their abiding stations come to naught, until that which has never existed (illusion) perishes, and that which has alwayse been abides and remains. It does not mean the nullification of the conscience of the human, or the obliteration of the essence itself, nor the effacement of the Sufi's attributes. Nor does it mean that all things become one thing so that obedience becomes like disobedience, or what Allah commands becomes like what He forbids. Disobedience passes away and obedience abides.
Something in the form of a fan when spread, as a peacock's tail, a window, etc.
To spread out a pack of playing cards so they form the shape of a fan.
When you spread the cards to make a cool-looking fan shape.
That which produces effects analogous to those of a fan, as in exciting a flame, etc.; that which inflames, heightens, or strengthens; as, it served as a fan to the flame of his passion.
To excite or stir up to activity, as a fan excites a flame; to stimulate; as, this conduct fanned the excitement of the populace.
Fan is a programming language designed to cross compile to both the Java and .NET platforms. It provides a wrist friendly syntax along with elegent, cross portable libraries.
A small bouquet or cluster of flowers attached to an elegant fan.
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Where a golfer misses the ball entirely.
(aka: "whiff") missing the ball completely when trying to make contact.
To miss the puck completely when attempting a shot or pass.
FaxModem firewire flat screen FSB
A fan is a device used to induce airflow and generally made from broad, flat surfaces which revolve or oscillate. The most common applications of fans are for creature comfort, ventilation, or gaseous transport for industrial purposes. Leaves or flat objects, waved to produce a more comfortable atmosphere, are the simplest kind of fan.
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make (an emotion) fiercer; "fan hatred"
A fan can suggest that a flirtatious encounter is on the horizon.
Radiating design suggesting a fan, either upright or downward position.
In decorating terms, a radiating design whose pattern suggests a fan.
an enthusiastic devotee of sports
A fan or supporter is someone who has an intense, occasionally overwhelming liking of a sporting club, person, group of persons, company, product, work of art, idea, or trend. Fans of a particular thing constitute its fanbase or fandom. They may start a fan club, hold fan conventions, create fanzines, write fan mail, or engage in similar activities.
A semi-circular patriotic decoration in bunting of flag design and/or colours - a swag (see also ‘ bunting 2)').
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an ardent follower and admirer
A quilting design of repeated concentric arcs that forms an all-over stitching design usually unrelated to the design of the quilt top. Popular during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, fan quilting is considered by some observers to be old-fashioned and undesirable in contemporary quiltmaking.
The Processional Fan, bearing an Icon of the Holy Angels, held by the Altar-Servers, over the Icons, Gospels, the Holy Gifts, etc. during the Divine Services.
AVN forecast output (such as high/low temperatures and precipitation) for a specific location; used by meteorologists as a "first guess".
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A quintain; -- from its form.
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See "airball".
strike out (a batter), (of a pitcher)
Shape of the paint pattern as it comes out of the gun and strikes the surface. The key is to adjust the fan pattern to maximize the spray application and minimize overspray.
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see ban Aberfan
A term used to describe a single division of a daylily clump that possesses its own separate crown, foliage, and root system.
Similar to a Horsetail-type waterfall, except it is wider at the base than at the top.
Free Amino Nitrogen. Type of protein break down products in the wort. Amino acids and smaller molecules are included. A great nutritional source for yeast.
Tree trained with central main stem & branches into a fan shape usually against a wall or other support
Fan paper by holding onto a stack of paper with both hands and allowing the stack of paper to slightly angle. Hold the paper and bend it into a “U” or “C” shape. While shuffling one end and holding the other end of the paper, it will fan or angle.
brush used to create texture; bristles are shaped like a fan, used dry or with only tips of brush loaded with paint.
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A term used to describe a manner of executing a leg motion in which the free leg swings in a whip-like movement around a small pivoting base. Should be a small, subtle action initiated in the hip. Often seen in the Tango.
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Movement with both hands that involves an inward and outward parry.
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Fleet Account Number
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A member of fandom. A mere reader of sf is not a 'fan' in this sense.
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or FANNING: Spacing tile joints to widen certain areas so they will conform to a section that is not parallel.
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To fail to re-enter after being hit. Sometimes it feels as if the only time you roll double sixes is when you fan from the bar against a 1 point board.
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See "Dance"
Support group for families who are enrolled with Circle Around Families grant services. None.
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see inflator fan.
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Fantastic Four