Definitions for "Saddle"
Keywords:  loin, mutton, venison, lamb, meat
A piece of meat containing a part of the backbone of an animal with the ribs on each side; as, a saddle of mutton, of venison, etc.
A very tender cut of meat (usually lamb, veal or venison) including both of the loins in one piece.
The undivided loins of an animal, roasted as a unit.
Keywords:  col, ridge, divert, pyramid, crest
A ridge connected two higher elevations; a low point in the crest line of a ridge; a col.
A formation of gold-bearing quartz occurring along the crest of an anticlinal fold, esp. in Australia.
A dip along the top of a ridge.
Hence: To fix as a charge or burden upon; to load; to encumber; as, to saddle a town with the expense of bridges and highways.
On fretted instruments, the saddle is the part of the bridge over which the string passes and which defines the end of the vibrating string.
The node at the bridge that the strings break over and transmits the sound vibration to the top.
Keywords:  dorsal, fin, fowl, cetaceans, posterior
posterior part of the back of a domestic fowl
the grey pigmented area at the posterior base of the dorsal fin.
A light patch behind the dorsal fin of some cetaceans; usually in blackfish.
Keywords:  threshold, jambs, divert, door, strip
The threshold of a door, when a separate piece from the floor or landing; -- so called because it spans and covers the joint between two floors.
It is a flat strip of stone that is projected above the floor between the jambs of the door; a threshold.
A flat strip of stone projecting above the floor between the jambs of a door; threshold.
A padded part of a harness which is worn on a horse's back, being fastened in place with a girth. It serves various purposes, as to keep the breeching in place, carry guides for the reins, etc.
put a saddle on; "saddle the horses"
a static object, but your horse is a living, dynamic creature
Keywords:  outlet, clamp, drilled, furnish, fit
A part, as a flange, which is hollowed out to fit upon a convex surface and serve as a means of attachment or support.
a very important piece of equipment and proper fitting is essential
a type of fitting which goes over a pipe. A hole is drilled through the pipe to furnish water to the outlet of the saddle.
Keywords:  clitellus, earthworm
The clitellus of an earthworm.
Keywords:  cowboys, uphill, downhill, beast, peak
To put a saddle upon; to equip (a beast) for riding.
A type of surface that is neither a peak nor a valley but still has a 0 gradient. Saddle points are situated such that moving in one direction takes one uphill, while moving in another direction would be downhill. Hence, saddles look like the things that cowboys ride on.
A high pass between two peaks.
the platform that the rider sits on.
An expensive leather contraption manufactured to give the rider a false sense of security. Comes in many styles, all feature built-in ejector seats.
Keywords:  'touchy, feely, thing
a 'touchy feely' thing
A Thoroughbred racing saddle is the lightest saddle used, weighing less than two pounds.
The separator found in many KOHLER® kitchen sinks which splits the basin into two parts.
Keywords:  bike, bum, choice, suits, find
a very personal choice and once people find one they like that suits them, they will transfer it from bike to bike
The part on a bike that supports your bum.
Keywords:  lampshade, harp, brackets, socket, lamp
the pair of brackets found at the base of the socket of a lamp. It is used to connect the harp (which holds the lampshade) to the lamp.
Keywords:  instep, sandal, shoe, across, leather
a piece of leather across the instep of a shoe. sandal
Keywords:  spar, breed, shape, marking, fastened
A block of wood, usually fastened to some spar, and shaped to receive the end of another spar.
Markings in the shape of a saddle over the back. Color definitions may vary by breed. Always check the breed standard for the definitive color description.
A formation having that shape: high and broad at each end, lower and narrower in the middle.
Keywords:  sae, relief, safety, valve
SAE Safety relief valve
Keywords:  riser, sills, shop, corner, label
In adjustable sills, another term for riser. Also, a shop-applied label applied around the corner or edge of a door, which provides identification and installation instructions.
Keywords:  weekend, impose, task, cleaning, assign
impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to; "He charged her with cleaning up all the files over the weekend"
Keywords:  notch, log, angle, joint, comes
The Lower cut in a notch and saddle joint. The log is cut on an angle on each side so that the surface almost comes to a point at the top of the log.
Keywords:  freight, grab, lowest, iron, car
First stop of freight car, under the lowest grab iron.
A small structure designed to facilitate drainage of water away from flashing components.
A casting, fabricated chair, or member used for the purpose of support.
A discrete time dynamical system is often called a map.
Keywords:  marine, banks, area
The area between marine banks.
Keywords:  belt, repair, length, added, additional
An additional short length of belting added to an existing belt for repair.
Keywords:  band, see
See "Band."
a unique land form which has significance for land planning