Definitions for "Coronet"
Keywords:  hoof, pastern, horn, coronary, def
The upper part of a horse's hoof, where the horn terminates in skin.
A narrow area above the horse's hoof.
The small area that attaches the hoof (see def.) to the rest of the leg.
Keywords:  tiara, baroness, baron, princess, crown
An ornamental or honorary headdress, having the shape and character of a crown; particularly, a crown worn as the mark of high rank lower than sovereignty. The word is used by Shakespeare to denote also a kingly crown.
a crown or tiara frequently seen on the Liberty portrait of 19th Century U. S. coins
The Prince and Princess, either the heirs to the Kingdom throne, or the rulers of a principality.
a brass instrument that resembles the trumpet evelopment the elaboration of harmonic progressions in a musical piece nsemble musicians engaged in a group performance anfare a short and lively sounding of trumpets
Keywords:  coronel, spear, tilting, iron, head
The iron head of a tilting spear; a coronel.
A type of burner that takes a lip or flanged chimney. Specifically, the circular gallery into which the chimney is secured by a spring or set screw.
Keywords:  ridge, foot, surface, top, forms
The top of the foot's surface that forms a ridge.