Definitions for "Surface"
To give a surface to; especially, to cause to have a smooth or plain surface; to make smooth or plain.
The outer or outside boundary of an object.
The outside of any solid object.
The exterior part of anything that has length and breadth; one of the limits that bound a solid, esp. the upper face; superficies; the outside; as, the surface of the earth; the surface of a diamond; the surface of the body.
A magnitude that has length and breadth without thickness; superficies; as, a plane surface; a spherical surface.
The horizontal plane whose elevation above sea level equals the field elevation. At stations where the field elevation has not been established, the surface refers to the ground elevation at the observation site.
a collection of spatial objects that form a planar graph and its complementary polygons and isolated points
a discrete set of points given within a coordinate system
an abstraction of spatial object that has position and area
Refers to the coating on a lane bed. Also used to refer to the coverstock of a bowling ball.
The visible texture of BSP.
put a coat on; cover the surface of; furnish with a surface; "coat the cake with chocolate"
Whether a polished diamond has a good surface, free of blemishes, is a quality factor.
A quality evaluation category used to describe the amount of blemishes on the surface of a pearl or cultured pearl. Surface descriptions range from clean (no visible blemishes) to heavily blemished.
A quality evaluation of the amount of blemishes on a pearl, ranging from clean to heavily blemished.
Surface slowly formed over a long period of time as the group members met one another. Bernard Jackson moved from Stamford, Connecticut to live in New York with his cousin to pursue a music career. While touring the city, his godfather advised him to contact his nephew David Townsend who had been a former guitarist for the Isley Brothers.
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To rise from the depths of a liquid to the surface; as, the submarine surfaced to recharge its batteries.
a limit of a solid or a body
asphalt mix where the largest stone used is no larger than 1/8 an inch ( typically #8 gradation). Surface mixes are usually laid at a minimum depth of 1inch compacted.
Surface (originally titled Fathom) is a science fiction television series that premiered on NBC on September 19, 2005. The program aired fifteen episodes (its full first season) until February 6, 2006, before going on hiatus due to the coverage of the 2006 Winter Olympics and awaiting word on whether it would be renewed for a second season. On May 15, 2006, NBC officially announced the series' cancellation, despite average ratings, leaving the outcome of the plot as a cliffhanger ending.
The top part of a PRoW that is in direct contact with the users. This may be: Unsealed - a natural surface with no imported material Semi-sealed - an imported surface such as hardcore, Type I or II, that is permeable. Sealed - an imported surface of higher quality that is often impermeable, although not exclusively. Examples include concrete or bituminous macadam.
Memory that represents visual images. This is often display memory, but it can be system memory. See also complex surface, off-screen surface, overlay surface, and primary surface.
a memory block for stocking graphics datas
A perspective representation of 2-D data, where each value of the data represents height in the surface. The routines EZSRFC and SRFACE draw surfaces. See the "Drawing Surfaces and Isosurfaces" chapter.
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The top or bottom side of the platter that is coated with the magnetic material for recording data. On some drives one surface may be reserved for positioning information.
on the surface; "surface materials of the moon"
The top or the bottom side of a platter coated with a magnetic material required to record data. A platter may use one or both surfaces to store data.
That part of the side which is terminated by the flank prolonged, and the angle of the nearest bastion.
A term applying to either side of a lens or grinding curvature thereon.
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ASL Browser
RWX command setting surface lighting properties, with ambient, diffuse and specular components
To show up, as a person who was in hiding; as, he absconded with the payroll and surfaced in Argentina.
The ability of the CAD software to recognize that a closed geometric shape represents a surface of a part. Includes recognition of wireframes.
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a kind of varnish added over a charset so it fits in actual bits and bytes
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a drawable piece of pixel-mapped visual data (like an image or video frame)
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Hence, outward or external appearance.
appear or become visible; make a showing; "She turned up at the funeral"; "I hope the list key is going to surface again"
the outermost level of the land or sea; "earthquakes originate far below the surface"; "three quarters of the Earth's surface is covered by water"
a sheet of paper has two surfaces. Homogenous paper has surfaces which are identical or closely similar, differentiated paper has surfaces which are easily distinguished from each other.
Each side of a sheet of paper is a surface
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the entire area of the coin, although often refers to field areas only
the entire area of a coin, although often used to indicate the field areas only
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a continuous and fluid area of an object
a faceted object where the shading varies from place to place
The top level of an object or structure.
Element of System Having no Independent Existence Outside the System
the outside or top of something .... return to Appendix B
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To work over the surface or soil of, as ground, in hunting for gold.
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information that has become public; "all the reports were out in the open"; "the facts had been brought to the surface"
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A nuclear device placed on or close to the earth's surface.
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come to the surface
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see " Type of Exposure"
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To become known or public; -- said of information.