Definitions for "Scrape"
Keywords:  harshly, abrade, rub, spatula, roughens
To rub over the surface of (something) with a sharp or rough instrument; to rub over with something that roughens by removing portions of the surface; to grate harshly over; to abrade; to make even, or bring to a required condition or form, by moving the sharp edge of an instrument breadthwise over the surface with pressure, cutting away excesses and superfluous parts; to make smooth or clean; as, to scrape a bone with a knife; to scrape a metal plate to an even surface.
To remove by rubbing or scraping (in the sense above).
To rub over the surface of anything with something which roughens or removes it, or which smooths or cleans it; to rub harshly and noisily along.
To express disapprobation of, as a play, or to silence, as a speaker, by drawing the feet back and forth upon the floor; -- usually with down.
To play awkwardly and inharmoniously on a violin or like instrument.
To draw back the right foot along the ground or floor when making a bow.
Keywords:  peregrine, pebbles, nest, cliff, stone
make by scraping; "They scraped a letter into the stone"
A peregrine nest. Peregrines that nest high on cliff banks use stones and pebbles to prevent their eggs from rolling away.
is the peregrine's nest, which is made of stones and pebbles to keep the eggs from rolling away.
To collect by, or as by, a process of scraping; to gather in small portions by laborious effort; hence, to acquire avariciously and save penuriously; -- often followed by together or up; as, to scrape money together.
To occupy one's self with getting laboriously; as, he scraped and saved until he became rich.
gather (money or other resources) together over time; "She had scraped together enough money for college"
Keywords:  scratch, armchair, scream, noisy, junk
The act of scraping; also, the effect of scraping, as a scratch, or a harsh sound; as, a noisy scrape on the floor; a scrape of a pen.
Scratching sound - Indication of damage / Junk
scratch repeatedly; "The cat scraped at the armchair"
Keywords:  olfactory, deer, scent, sight, visual
a combination visual (sight) and olfactory (scent) sign left primarily for other deer
Keywords:  abortion, illegal
an illegal abortion.
Keywords:  stubbed, toe, broken, strike, dark
strike against an object; "She stubbed her one's toe in the dark and now it's broken"
an area of ground, usually located under some overhanging, low branches
Keywords:  paste, copy, contents, page, web
When you copy and paste the contents of a web page you are said to be page-scraping, or just scraping it.
Keywords:  damage, indication
an indication of damage