Definitions for "Lapping"
The process of rubbing two surfaces together with an emulsion of oil and abrasive powder to obtain precise dimensions , flatness and/or roundness, and unparalleled quality of surface finish.
A process used in the manufacturing of 100% cotton yarn where a number of ends of sliver are made into a lap or sheet for the combing process.
A method of finishing metal to produce a very smooth, highly accurate surface.
A process for stealing money from a business by covering the payment by one customer with the payment from another. For example, when customer A pays his bill, the employee pockets the money. Before the theft can be detected, A's account is shown as paid when B pays his bill. The scheme can go on for an extended period by lapping customer over customer. This theft will show up if the thief is absent from the business for more than just a day or two. This is why some businesses require employees to take their vacations as scheduled and remain off the premises for the entire vacation. A proper division of employee duties can help reduce opportunities for employee theft. See also internal control.
A procedure used to conceal the theft of cash by crediting the payment from one customer to another customer's account on a delayed basis.
A training technique where the climber repeats the same Route continuously without resting.
The technique of secretly dropping cards or other objects on the lap while seated at a table.
A kind of machine blanket or wrapping material used by calico printers.
covering with a design in which one element covers a part of another (as with tiles or shingles)
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Drinking without using the hands.