Definitions for "SANDING"
The purpose of sanding is to remove deep scratches left by coarser abrasives during grinding.
An abrasive process used to level a coated surface prior to the application of a further coat. Alternate Term(s): Flatting
Polishing the surface of the wood.
Smoothing out or roughing up of the coverstock of a bowling ball.
A process used on bowling balls to increase hook potential.
A distressing technique that roughs up the surface of paper or stickers. It adds character and texture to your layout. Use sandpaper, sanding blocks, or emery boards to achieve this effect.
Very pure, clear, large-grained sugar: • Adds "sparkle" when sprinkled on candies (gum/jelly goods), cookies, pies, turnovers. • In boiled syrups and boiled-type icings, it dissolves uniformly, with minimal foaming or discoloring.
Refers to the removal of grain, scars and blemishes from a hide.
Sealer A heavy bodied material used on timber to fill grain etc and to produce a smooth surface once sanded.
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A mechanical process that slightly raises the nap of the fabric, making it softer to the touch.
A fabric finishing process where fabrics are sanded with real sandpaper to make the surface soft without hair. Can be performed before or after dyeing. Sandblast – A laundry process where jeans before washing are literally shot with guns of sand in order to make the jeans look as if they have been worn. While originally done only by hand, this process has become automated. Chemicals are also now used in many laundries replacing sand.
A processing of applying sand just in front of the Driving wheels to increase the adhesion between wheel and track.
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A very important step in preparing a sled for a run, which can take as much as three hours. On a four-man bobsled, each member of the crew is responsible for sanding one of the runners.
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A system of marking cards by sanding the edges or ends of cards.