Definitions for "Edges"
The strips of metal usually made hard steel, on the outer edges of the running surface of skis or snowboards.
The three exposed outer edges of the leaves (top, fore-edge, and tail). The fore-edge is the edge opposite the spine or bound edge.
The external (paper) surfaces of a book; the edges of the leaves. An edge which is left uneven is uncut. It may be termed deckled, or feathered. A smoothly cut (guillotined) edge is sometimes decorated with gilt, or printed in a marbled pattern. Edges are identified by top, fore and bottom.
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What edges? They look round to me
the strip edge, naturally rounded, often slit, sometimes deburred, rolled or skived
Strips of steel that run the length of the board on either side of the base.
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Candy ribbon, 3 and one, tight crimped, saw tooth, scalloped, pie crust, ruffled, or fluted.
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Margins (Lines) Defining the Windows (Areas, Faces) of a System EG Energetic Geometry
Boundaries between areas where people live, work, shop, or seek entertainment 16
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See inside edge or outside edge.
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refers to the page edges as a group when used without further modifier