Definitions for "Rim"
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Mediator between tyre and spokes, doormat to brakes. A good rim will take everything you throw at it with little complaint for thousands of miles of pleasurable cycling. A bad rim will buckle just because you wanted to go over a kerb, for God's sake.
The flanged portion of the head of a rimfire cartridge, certain types of centerfire rifle and revolver cartridges and shotshells. The flanged portion is usually larger in diameter than the cartridge or shotshell body diameter and provides a projecting lip for the firearm extractor to engage so that the cartridge or shotshell may be extracted from the chamber after firing. In a rimfire cartridge the rim provides a cavity into which the priming mixture is charged.
The portion of a wheel (incorporating the well, seats and flange) that a tire is mounted onto.
The border, edge, or margin of a thing, usually of something circular or curving; as, the rim of a kettle or basin.
To furnish with a rim; to border.
The outer, often wrinkled and dark brown edge of the shit shoot. The art of exploring this prune-like orifice with your tongue is known as "rimming". To have this done to you would be to receive a "rim job" (also known as "ANAL TONGUE DARTS").
Research in Motion, a Canadian company that created the popular wireless device known as "Blackberry."
esearch otion: The name of the company that produces the Blackberry wireless device. See Blackberry.
Registration Information Module. Internal software module used to record and store student registration data (e.g., class registration/withdrawals, grades).
RDBMS Interface Module. In Tivoli Management Framework, the module in the distributed object database that contains information about the installation of the relational database management system (RDBMS).
See RDBMS Interface Module.
(Tib.) Tibetan religious movement which developed in Eastern Tibet from the 1860s onwards among all the non-GELUKPA traditions, including the BONPO (see FOUR MAIN ORDERS). Different RimÈ teachers had differing views, but all tended to emphasise the need to maintain a plurality of paths and methods, and saw the various methods as united through their common goal. DZOGCHíEN (q.v.) and the TERMA (q.v.) traditions were important for the RimÈ lamas, and many of the leading figures were themselves TERT÷N (q.v.). Some were also involved in the revival of the SHENTONGPA teachings, though not all were Shentongpa.
An example of a large pair-gain system. RIMs increase capacity to the areas they service, as a more economical alternative to putting in additional telephone exchanges, particularly on housing estates and condensed urban developments. RIMs do not in themselves prohibit the roll-out of ADSL. RIMs must be enabled for DSL before ADSL is available, just as telephone exchanges must first be DSL enabled before ADSL will be available (also see pair gain and ADSL)
Reaction Injection Molding. Snowboard construction in which a wood core is placed into a mold, and resin is injected into the mold around the core. These boards are very durable and efficient to make, but are sometimes a little heavy.
Abbreviation for Reaction Injection Molding. The RIM process involves the rapid metering, and mixing of polyurethane reaction ingredients, followed by their injection into a mold under pressure.
reaction injection molding, which refers to an integrated mixing and injection process for plastics from two or more highly reactive components
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Research In Montion
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To lick the anus of another, and possibly to insert the tongue into the anus.
licking the anus with the tongue
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Reinvest in Minnesota
The copy editors, collectively. Dates back to the days when the copy desk was a horseshoe-shaped piece of furniture with rim editors around the outside and slot editors on the inside, doling out and checking work.
Rim is the side of the disc. You can touch the rim from the inside (Rim Delay) or from the outside.
Elevated region around craters and rilles.
run around the rim of; "Sugar rimmed the dessert plate"
roll around the rim of; "the ball rimmed the basket"
Ratepayer Impact Measure
Road Impact Mitigation
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furnish with a rim; "rim a hat"
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The part of the shoe where the foot enters. Another term for collar or topline.
a projection used for strength or for attaching to another object
the metal rings that is attached to the backboard and holds the basketball net
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an arabic name which means "white antelope".
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The wooden curve-shaped structure of a grand piano.
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Spacecraft Clock Real Time Image Counter
Registered International Mover
Read-In Mode
Request Initialization Mode
means Remote Integrated Multiplexer.
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The lower part of the abdomen.
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The rim of a cup. See Also: Cup Related Terms: Rim Job (Shot)
A term indicating articles of hardware designed for application to the surface of doors and windows.
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Another way to call the bar.