Definitions for "Mixing"
The act of mixing together all of the different sources of audio.
For Audio: combining two or more sounds in specific proportions (volume variations) as determined by program context. For Video: Using multiple sources in composing a program for live or live-to-tape shows.
Combining or blending into one mass or mixture rendering the constituent parts indistinguishable.
production of a homogenous mass.
In physics, a dynamical system is said to be mixing if the phase space of the system becomes strongly intertwined, according to at least one of several mathematical definitions.
In industrial process engineering, mixing is a unit operation that involves manipulating a heterogeneous physical system, with the intent to make it more . Familiar examples include pumping of the water in a swimming pool to homogenize the water temperature, and the stirring of pancake batter to eliminate lumps. This concept is captured formally in physics, where the mixing of dynamical systems is a topic studied in its own right.
Mixing - In MCMC parlance, mixing refers to efficiency with which the MCMC algorithm samples a parameter, or set of a parameters. If an MCMC chain is mixing well, it implies that autocorrelation in the chain is low, ESS is high and the estimates obtained are accurate. A chain that is mixing well will have parameter traces that look like straight hairy catepillars, with the chain fluctuating so rapidly around the equilibrium that their are no obvious trends. Tutorial 2 has a picture of a trace that shows (after burnin) this hairy catepillar expectation.
A term that describes a function of many transmitters that allows one control movement to affect more than one control surface at a time. Revolution Mixing is an example of this, but mixing can also be used to add power when you input large cyclic movements.
Two radio control channels can be coupled together so that they move together when only one control channel is activated. Many 1/4 scale models require a combination of aileron and rudder to turn. Mixing does this electronically at the transmitter. V-tailed models, where the two halves of the V-tail must move not only together but independently, are another use of control mixing.
Mixing is the ability to have one channel of control input at the transmitter affect more than one receiver channel and servo movement.
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Concrete is mixed in Trent's on site, computer managed batching plants.
A random exchange of air parcels on any scale from the molecular to the largest eddy.