Definitions for "Equalisation"
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The act of forcing air into an open space to offset increasing hydrostatic pressure. This can be applied to such spaces as a dive mask or the diver's ears, and prevents what is known as a squeeze.
Unit trusts hold a collection of shares and therefore receive a constant stream of dividend payments. This income in normally only paid out to investors twice a year. When a new investor buys into the fund part of his purchase is represented by accrued dividends. At his or her first distribution payment, part of the sum will represent the return of capital equal to the accrued dividends. This amount is regarded as capital, not income, and is called an equalisation payment. Easy.
The amount of distribution from a Collective Investment Scheme that represents the return of initial capital to new investors.
This is an adjustment which may be made if you have recently bought units in a unit trust. The first distribution you receive may be split into two parts, a dividend distribution of the income earned by your units since the date of your purchase, and an equalisation payment equal the income earned by the units before them. The equalisation payment is not part of your taxable income, but it should be deducted from the base cost of the units for capital gains tax purposes. You may also receive an equalisation payment if you have acquired units in an open ended investment company (OEIC).
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Control of the audio tone to produce the desired sound.
a compound circuit
The process of adjusting the volume of individual frequency ranges within a sound. Equalisation can be used to correct problems in a sound, or to "sweeten" or enhance the sound to bring out particular qualities
One of a range of techniques employed to compensate for distortion introduced in a channel.
A filter that will compensate for the effects of a communications channel.
The technique of compensating for differences in attenuation of a signal at different frequencies.
In kiln drying, a high humidity treatment in the final stages of drying intended to reduce the moisture content range between pieces of timber and the moisture gradient within pieces of timber. Also known as Equalising.
a specification for vinyl playback established by the Recording Industry Association of America
The process of restoring all cells in a battery to an equal state of charge. In a lead acid battery this is done by using a charging voltage of around 2.5 volts per cell.
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the act of making equal or uniform