Definitions for "Roll-Off"
Decrease in signal or sound pressure in decibels as a speaker or speaker driver attempts to reproduce frequencies outside of its primary frequency range (a midrange driver may roll-off at 500 Hz and its output decreases from that point); attenuation of frequencies outside a range specified in a crossover network.
A fall in gain at the extremes of the frequency response. The rate at which a filter attenuates a signal once it has passed the filter cut-off point.
The attenuation of frequencies at the high or low end of the audio frequency spectrum.
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trash receptacle for industrial customers, ranging in size from 10 cubic yards to 40 cubic yards, as well as specialized compactors. Roll-off bins can be utilized for trash or recycling services. Special roll-off trucks have a lifting mechanism that can hoist the bin onto the flatbed truck and secure it during transport, then lift it at a steep angle into the air in order to empty it.
(Ro/Ro)--A term applied to ships that are outfitted so that vehicles or heavy machinery can be driven on or off without the use of special cranes.
Abbreviation: RoRo. System of loading and discharging a vessel whereby the cargo is driven on and off by means of a ramp.