Definitions for "Frequency"
The condition of returning frequently; occurrence often repeated; common occurence; as, the frequency of crimes; the frequency of miracles.
The rate at which an electrical current alternates, usually measured in Hertz. Frequency equals the number of complete cycles of current occurring in one second.
The number of times per second the energy transmitted from a detector's coil changes direction (e.g. 7.0 kHz = 7000 times per second) - higher frequencies are typically used to find targets such as gold nuggets, while lower frequencies are best for general purpose hunting
The concept of how often a lexical item occurs in a given domain, corpus, genre, etc.
statistical measure for how often a hazard event of a given magnitude and intensity will occur. Often, frequency is measured in terms of a hazard's recurrence interval. For example, a recurrence interval of 100 years for a flood suggests that in any year, a flood of that magnitude has a 1% chance of occurring.
information about how often a word occurs in English. This information is obtained by analysing a very large corpus. The keywords of the Oxford 3000(tm) word list include the most frequent words of English.
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The need to urinate 8 times or more in a 24-hour period, which may include 2 or more times at night.
frequent urination; urinating 8 or more times in 24 hours.
in this context, frequent urination.
In Account Summary, the scheduled mode (e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.) for the payment of Income Amounts, as set forth in the annuity policy.
Annually since 1951 (except 1954); reported data are for activity taking place over the prior calendar year. Data collection begins in January following the end of the survey year. New samples are chosen approximately every 5 years and are updated quarterly. Use of the latest sample began in the 1999 survey year.
Number of coupon installments paid annually. Zero-coupon bonds, which pay no coupons, have frequencies of zero. Corporate bonds typically pay interest twice a year (semi-annually). CMOs pay interest either monthly or quarterly, while mortgage pools pay once a month. Eurobonds often pay annually.
Frequency is a 2000 science fiction movie directed by Gregory Hoblit and starring Jim Caviezel and Dennis Quaid.
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In a car audio context, this can refer to two things. The first is the most common usage: radio frequency. Radio stations are each accessed via tuning into their frequency band. The second meaning is sound frequency. High sounds are high frequency (which are ideally played via power-efficient tweeters), with lower sound sent via lower frequencies, which take more power to play and are if at all possible played through woofers. Equalisation (EQ) involves balancing the volumes of these different frequency bands to get the required playback.
all radio control gear works on frequencies. Best explained here.
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A crowd; a throng.
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How often something happens. see also reset frequency.
an adverb which tells you how often an event/action happens. (daily, fortnightly)
How often something happens. Medically, often used to refer to having to pass urine more often than normal.
An abnormally frequent desire to void usually more than eight times a day, often of only small amounts (e.g. less than 200ml).
the need to void more frequently than expected.
The need to empty one's bladder frequently.
The survey has been conducted since 1997 to the present. Previously the survey was conducted annually from 1973 to 1988 and biennially from 1989 through 1996.
The PACE survey was conducted annually from 1973 to 1994 (with the exclusion of 1987) and 1999.
The survey is conducted annually.
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How often a customer does business with a company, a vital piece of information used in Database Marketing. Also see Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM).
A copy group attribute that specifies the minimum interval, in days, between incremental backups.
the interval at which a serial is published; frequencies commonly encountered in libraries include
The interval at which a publisher distributes a serial publication.
Rate of change of polarity in alternating current (AC).
For our purposes, the rate at which the electric and magnetic fields in a photon alternate directions. Photons with higher frequencies have greater energies. Frequency is indicated in equations by the Greek letter nu ().
as applied to electric current refers to how often an alternating current changes direction in a given period.
Stable rivers can accommodate natural levels of water resulting from typical storms. However, with increased runoff water entering the system from surrounding areas with impervious roadways and surfaces lacking vegetation, water levels quickly rise to less manageable levels. High water levels, with greater than normal velocities can accelerate the rate of bank erosion, increase sediment load, and displace aquatic species of plants and animals.
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A cheap jam session.
Fraction of the abstracts analysed for an OMIM entry containing the keyword. A frequency of 1 indicates that the word was found (at least once) in all the abstracts analysed for the entry.
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A NOVA value added product. Allows the merchant to use the POS device to accrue points for frequent customer. This can also be tied into a PC and can provide reporting for the merchant.
Used by Fuller to specify length and size in general. The intention is to employ a more precisely descriptive term for both geometric systems and events in nature, than is provided by specific units of measurement. Fuller points out that frequency never relates to the quantity "one," for it necessarily involves a plurality of experiences.
(aka: "flex") a measurement of the relative flexibility, firmness, tension or strength of a club shaft. Also see 'flex'.
A term used to describe the level of rail service. For intercity rail, frequent service means that trains serve a particular station at least every four hours.
is how often a person is physically active. Frequency, along with duration and intensity affect the cardiorespiratory response to exercise.2,5
The proportion of plots in which a species is found
The proportion of a population falling into a particular category.
The periodic schedule of rate or price readings used to determine the payoff of an average rate or price option.
reciprocal of period, expressed in Hz (1/s).
The rate of variation of a periodic signal.
Most loads in the United States require 60 Hz. High-quality equipment requires precise frequency regulation - variations can cause poor performance of clocks and electronic timers.
Continuous, hourly, daily, monthly, annually, etc.
Percentage of alleles of a particular type in a population.
The regularity of bowel movements or other body functions.
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How often a brand is recognized.
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How often medicine is taken.
Defines how often the client is expected to make payments. See Appendix B.
Different frequencies with the use of crystals allow RC models to be enjoyed close to each other.
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The stated operating frequency in Hz of a discharge lamp.
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Frequency modulation
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How often a person exercises.
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The date regular maintenance is due
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how often a use case path typically executes.
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An ad that runs more than once.
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see this page. Also see full frequency. back to the previous page
the frequency with which changes and additions are made to the data set after the initial data set is completed
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How often to do an activity.