Definitions for "Category"
One of the highest classes to which the objects of knowledge or thought can be reduced, and by which they can be arranged in a system; an ultimate or undecomposable conception; a predicament.
Class; also, state, condition, or predicament; as, we are both in the same category.
An ultimate and supreme mode of real being; a predicament.
Folders in the information library that contain other items such as books or individual documents.
Refers to the process of classifying goods of a specific kind available at For example if you click on “Automobiles, spares…” as a category it will open up a page listing the relevant subcatagories,wherein, each of the subcategories has a number in a bracket next to it, indicating the number of of products available for auction. However the list of categories mentioned on the home page is not exhaustive and simply mentions those that have products available for them. A more comprehensive list especially for sellers is available when they click to post an item.
A Category is the name for a collection of content items that are related in some way. Example: The category 'Fish' may contain the Content Items 'Herring', 'Haddock' and 'Stickleback'. Category is part of the Content hierachy. The top level is called Sections, the next level is called Categories and then the third level are called Content Items.
Chain letters grouped by the principal motivation for replication. The broadest classification of chain letters. Paper chain letter categories (in historical order) are: Letters from Heaven , charity, luck, petition, money, parody, exchange and "world record".
A grouping of individuals or teams designated by a specific title in a tournament program to establish a system of competing for awards. These groupings may be used within a classification or, in certain circumstances, instead of classification. (Example: Junior, Senior, etc.).
Classification of a group of CIs e.g. hardware, Changes, Problems.
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A subject, topic or theme of an organized group of matchcovers being collected.
a way of grouping or organizing data or information into logically related sets
A high-level, conceptual grouping of Hyperbole buttons into classes. Implicit and explicit groupings represent categories.
An umbrella heading in which all related Bliss-words are contained.
a name for a collection of related tasks
a ReverseIndex to related
A restrictive label that has been applied to classified or unclassified data to increase the protection of the data by further restricting access to it. Individuals are granted access to special category information only after being granted formal access authorization.
Manually classify pages into categories by right clicking on a page and using the Add to Category command. View all of a categories pages in My Archives More
In the Detail Inventory Table, this is the highest order in which an item has been classified.
The five (5) divisions of performance specifications for the EIA/TIA 568 standards, encompassing Category 1: POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) through Category 5: 100MBps ­ CDDI (Copper Distributed Data Interface) and Category 5e: up to 150 MBps - ATM (Asynchronous Transport Method).
Rating of a cable established by TIA/EIA to indicate the level of electrical performance.
a general concept that marks divisions or coordinations in a conceptual scheme
a class of objects or things that share something in common within a conceptual scheme
a concept abstracted from concrete reality and, according to a fundamental law of logic, its meaning decreases in the proportion in which its generality increases
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a set of topic-related phrases represented by one ad and one url
a top-level (or second-level, if contained within a topic ) element that contains exactly one pattern and exactly one template
In some blogs you can categorise each individual post under one or many Categories that you have set up in your blog - this allows visitors to easily find posts on a particular topic or area.
a description of an abstract data type in terms of the methods it exports, while a domain is a concrete implementation of one of more categories
an abstract and the application of model management to other practical problems
an abstract mathematical model of how mathematical systems are related together
Tamado provides a category tree to make it easier for visitors to find their interesting communities. The category tree is a multilayer structure, each category can have sub-categories under it. A community owner can assign his community to one or more categories/sub-categories.
Boards are arranged within Categories. The categories serve no purpose other than to organize the list of boards to some degree to make it easier to find the board that suits your needs best.
Glossary P-T Glossary of Metropolitan Broadband Terms: P-T This glossary of metropolitan broadband terms is drawn from a number of resources, all cited in the Orientation Resources sections of this website. Learning these terms is like learning a new language, so I urge you to jump in and start using them in conversation. Get familiar with them - try to use them in whole sentences, as in "I can't decide whether we need a WLAN or a WMAN for our town, but one things for sure, if we don't do something soon, we'll be stuck in a Hot Spot!" Use this glossary as a reference: when you are stumped, be sure to refer back to the on-line reference sites as well. and are two great resources. Most definitions can click through to their Wikipedia definition. PLEASE EMAIL ME NEW TERMS THAT YOU LOOK FOR, BUT DON'T FIND IN THIS GLOSSARY.
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a major area of interest, such as Training or Fundraising
a major set back for the development of the community said State Savitha Samaj Secretary B V Ramachandra
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Information about content. Includes major status (viewed, archived) and, if content is not archived, type of story (NCAA, PAC10, etc.). Types of stories are selected from a maintained list within the system, and are referenced by subscriber's Page-me-when profile.
a list of all SINs and their associated basic information
a list of songs identified by a name
An issue property, giving the aspect of the product involved in the issue. Specified by the reporter that created the issue, but may be changed later. Category names should fit into the sentence "This issue pertains to the XXXXXXXX of this project." A category can optionally specify a default developer; all new issues with that cagegory will be automatically assigned to that developer. Possible values are: Audio system Cables and connectors Configuration Design Development tools Documentation Front panel GPIO interface Images Installer Memory Motherboard Networking Other Power Rear panel Security Serial interface Text Web interface
a set of components that are always installed together
One or more categories set up in a Prep Detail screen used to categorize assessments.
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Defines what documents are being changed by a Change Request: FRS, IIS, ASN.1/GDMO, Methods & Procedures and Other
The Category property returns the source of the error (Was the error generated by IIS? A scripting language? Or a component?).
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a top-level keyword that never appears directly in UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot entries
A number of people who may never have met one another but who share a similar characteristic.
Divides the budget appropriated to a department into levels such as Revenues, Salaries and Benefits, Other Personal Services, Expenses, Operating Capital Outlay, etc. and summarizes object codes within the specific category.
A set of predicates directives and clauses that can be imported by any object.
a container which can contain objects and more categories, just like directories
a function of existing contamination and future site use
One of five possible outcomes based on historical microbiological results and potential risk of faecal contamination.
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The method used to define a water loss by its hazards; #1 clean water (potable), #2 gray water (unsanitary) and #3 black water (hazardous).
a pre-defined identifier that attaches a certain meaning to a given set of properties
Employment based, family based or other such as lottery,asylum or refugee. Employment based categories Family based categories
A family of businesses sharing the same purpose.
a department, Say you had support and sales departments with your organisation
Categories are used for organizing and filing tickets for future reference. An unlimited number of categories can be defined, for example, you could have a category for each product that your company has.
You can create Categories to help organise your posts as you add them to your BigBlog. For example, you can put all your summer holiday pictures and text posts in a ‘Holidays' category, so that they are filed together.
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a software feature of MediaWiki
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a formal assignment to a work area
Short text description assigned to a record to help organize personal information and sort multiple records stored in the same folder or application. (e.g., VIP client, restaurants, good dates, bad dates)
Management A merchandising strategy that examines a product in the context of its broader category in an attempt to maximize the profitability of the category and not just a specific product. Category management acknowledges that specific products within a category are complementary and/or competitive in nature. That is, promoting one product in a category may increase its sales but reduce overall profitability of the category and that many variables beyond price will determine category profitability. Examples of these variables include shelf space allocation, placement, display treatments, and location within the store.
A factor present in some way, shape, or form in every conceivable phenomenon; in some phenomena, one of the categories may be predominant. See Firstness, Secondness, Thirdness.
LEED Green Building Rating System component. Each LEED prerequisite and credit falls within one of six categories (five Sustainable Categories and one Innovation and Design Process category).
The part of a rating system which describes a particular criterion used for rating. For example, a rating system might have three categories named "sexual material," "violence," and "vocabulary." Also called a dimension.
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The Meal Rate Category, which may be a complete Meal, Milk Only, Worker meal, Guest meal, or a Snack.
an information structure which enables certain types of information processing
A structure for organizing, typing, and representing a dimension of a multidimensional cube.
Hedge funds styles and strategies fit into three broad categories: Relative Value, Event-Driven and Opportunistic.
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a mixture of an algebra and a directed graph
A broad range of services historically provided by governments. The category areas for Alaska state budgeting purposes are: Education, University, Social Services/Housing, Health/Safety, Natural Resources, Administration of Justice, Public Protection, Development, Transportation and Public Support Technology/Service.
An aspect of a variable--e.g. "male" and "female" if the variable is gender
Data categories are trip characteristic or demographic variables available in the Domestic Online Database.
This keyword defines the "category" attribute for the product object. It refers to the type of software being packaged.
An attribute of the software product which indicates the type of software being developed. Examples could be embedded software, user interface software or database application software. Each software category is assigned a weight indicating its relative complexity.
In the Java interface, corresponds to a distinct value of a categorical attribute. Categories may have string or numeric values. String values must not exceed 64 characters in length.
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frequency overflow slave
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See tuning category.
cluster concern constraint correct
This word is not in a category with "catastrophe" even if it sounds like it: the middle letter is [e].
The category for equity mutual funds is based on its investment style (Growth or Value) and market capitalization (Large, Mid, or Small). For bond funds the category is based on taxable or municipal bonds along with the average duration as measured by their underlying portfolio holdings.
A named association of rules. To associate a rule with a rule category, enter a non-reserved symbol in the rule's Categories attribute; this names a rule category and associates the rule with that category. Use the invoke action to invoke all rules for a category.
a piece of information associated with each name and address
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a section of the knowledge tree
a section of your data
a subdivision in a section
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an area of life for which you want to constantly improve
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a column with its label in a data matrix
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a little bit complex simply because it is the core part of AA the whole web
a range of br of features to be used in a pattern recognition task
an interactive area where participants can "contribute" a particular information technology by searching for a particular article of interest to you
a type which specifies information about domains, including the specification of the public interface to a domain, which consists of a collection of declarations for those operations which may be used by clients of the domain
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a location in which questions are stored
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(See Advertising category)
A 2-digit number that identifies the major type of assistance a case receives.
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Business Administration
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a page on your website
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See Channels.