Definitions for "Facet"
A little face; a small, plane surface; as, the facets of a diamond.
A smooth circumscribed surface; as, the articular facet of a bone.
The narrow plane surface between flutings of a column.
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Definition: From XML Schema [XML Schema part 2]: A single defining aspect of a value space. Generally speaking, each facet characterizes a value space along independent axes or dimensions.
an aspect or characteristic that can have various values. A collection of facets and values can serve as the basis for a faceted classification system.
A constraint added to the lexical or value space of a simple datatype of the W3C XML Schema datatype system. The list of facets that can be used depends on the simple datatype. W3C XML Schema's facets can be used as parameters in RELAX NG data patterns.
The planet on which most of our adventures take place. Facet is described by its inventor, Joel, as looking like a 20-sided die. Each facet on Facet is unique in its array of landforms, wildlife, and civilizations. The facets are separated by tremendous rifts that can be crossed only by the bravest, strongest, and luckiest of characters.
Side of a prism, seen most often in crystal glass chandeliers and other wall fixtures.
(Thesaurus terminology) One of the major divisions of a thesaurus.
The total set of subdivisions within a single class derived form the same principle of division, e.g. parts of the body within Anatomy or Nation states within Politics.
Any of the various categories into which a given class may be divided, e.g., division of the class "people" into the categories of ethnicity, age, education and language spoken. Each category contains terms based on a single characteristic of division, e.g., children, adolescents and adults are characteristics of division of the "ages" category. See also Citation order.
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a named subcomponent
In the sandwich process, the finished lens may present a facet (flattening) on a pat of the lens periphery.
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a maximal (under inclusion) face of a simplicial complex
a certain classifiable characteristic of the resource -- a way to classify something
a group of headings which all define a certain method of classification. That is, a facet is a way in which a resource can be classified; for example, classified by color, classified by geography, classified by subject, etc. The wine demo uses three facets: Varietal, Region, and Price.
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is a subset of a GIS database that contains information about one subarea of the overall digital map. Facets are an effective way of dividing a continuous map into units which can be easily created, edited, and analyzed. The terms facet and tile are synonymous and are, in some ways, the opposite of a continuous map.
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For other meanings, see Facet (disambiguation)
a characteristic of a data type that you can use to restrict the values allowed by a type
a property which distinguishes a class of texts that answers to certain practical interests, and which is associated with a characteristic set of computable structural or linguistic properties
a totality of the isolates obtained on the basis of a single train of characteristics applied to a given entity
A grouping of entities in an LDM that represent a single business functional area. SEE: Subject Area.
a face sharing certain vertices of a polyhedron, and may be located entirely within its interior
a replaceable set of ColdFusion methods that provide a specific type of functionality
a facade that represents one other object with a restricted set of capabilities
an interface to a service provided by a locale object
an object that controls the formatting of text paragraphs within the face
An alternative interface of an object that is obtained by querying the primary interface.
a conceptual grouping of labels
a grouping of resources within a package
a distinct feature or element in a problem; "he studied every facet of the question"
a metadata element or property
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a simple thing, but what you can do with it takes elaboration
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Face_card Face_Dances
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a container that contains topic trees
facette = a face.