Definitions for "Faceted"
It is the gem of plane faces or facets.
A coldworking process in which sections of glass are cut-away from a piece of solid glass using a lapidary wheel. Once finished a symmetrical, gem-like design is revealed, distorting the underlying pattern or image.
The surface cut of a Gem, Glass or Crystal Bead.
a term used to mean that the flat faces of a polyhedral form have been replaced by inverted pyramids. A skeletal model can be considered to be a faceted form. (See also dimpled.)
Flat surfaces ground onto beads or stones to create a more reflective surface.
A bilaterally beveled surface usually on bone or stone. It has a hexagonal cross-section.
Angular, larger-grained snow with poor bonding created from large temperature gradients within the snowpack.
A faceted material provides constant shading across a polygon. This shows each polygon as an individual on an object ie. unsmoothed.
Having facets.