Definitions for "Solitaire"
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A single diamond in a setting; also, sometimes, a precious stone of any kind set alone.
A term referring to a ring containing a single diamond or other gem.
A ring set with a single stone, usually a diamond.
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A large extinct bird (Pezophaps solitaria) which formerly inhabited the islands of Mauritius and Rodrigeuz. It was larger and taller than the wild turkey. Its wings were too small for flight. Called also solitary.
Any species of American thrushlike birds of the genus Myadestes. They are noted their sweet songs and retiring habits. Called also fly-catching thrush. A West Indian species (Myadestes sibilans) is called the invisible bird.
extinct flightless bird related to the dodo
The aim of this project is to search for the best solution to the Solitaire board game starting with a cross. The computer searches for solutions by playing by itself.
This is a MIDP 2 game of Solitaire with twenty five differents levels. Screensize of 128x128 pixels and at least 4096 colors is the minimum required.
A game which one person can play alone; -- applied to many games of cards, etc.; also, to a game played on a board with pegs or balls, in which the object is, beginning with all the places filled except one, to remove all but one of the pieces by "jumping," as in draughts.
The Solitaire cryptographic algorithm was designed by Bruce Schneier "to allow field agents to communicate securely without having to rely on electronics or having to carry incriminating tools", at the request of Neal Stephenson for use in his novel Cryptonomicon. It was designed to be a manual cryptosystem calculated with an ordinary deck of playing cards. In Cryptonomicon, this algorithm was originally called Pontifex to hide the fact that it involved playing cards.
Solitaire is a fictional character in the James Bond novel and film Live and Let Die. In the film, she was portrayed by Jane Seymour.
a free-standing professional gas-range cooker complete with stainless steel front and housing and a high-quality cast iron range grating
Solitaire (2007) is an independent coming of age drama film in pre-production from director Victor Franko (Frank D'Agostino) and Rand Alan Sabatini of Rand Alan Studios with a planned cast of 10 .
Solitaire was a superhero comic book created by Gerard Jones and Jeff Johnson in 1993 for Malibu Comics. It was published consistantly from November 1993 until September 1994, when the series was, with the eighth issue, turned into a mini-series to be cancelled at the twelfth issue.
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men's hairstyle with ribbon bow round bourse behind the neck with the long ends knotted in front of the shirt collar.
wide black ribbon worn around the neck and attached to tie on the wig.
Member of a group of immortals who seek the unity of all Prides outside the Stratagem; profane.
A person who lives in solitude; a recluse; a hermit.
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Yet another Solitaire application. Relatively portable. Written in C++.