Definitions for "Bezel"
The rim which encompasses and fastens a jewel or other object, as the crystal of a watch, in the cavity in which it is set.
Angled surface located on the crown of a stone between the girdle and table.
The thin strip of metal which holds a stone in place. In this case it's the bezel that we installed in this celtic treasure, in which the diamond is set. Safe and trouble free is the best description of this way cool setting, no prongs to snag and the stone is as safe as can be.
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The Bezel is a decorative cover for the drive and is also known as the faceplate.
a covering for the paper exit slot in a kiosk
Also known as the faceplate. A plastic panel that covers the face of a product.
Slopping surface such as the cutting edge of a chisel, the diagonal face at the cutting edge.
(a) That proportion of a brilliant-cut gemstone above the girdle; same as crown. (b) More specifically, the sloping surface between the girdle and the table. (c) Still more specifically, only a small part of that sloping surface just above the girdle; the so-called “setting edge.
a sloping edge on a cutting tool
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The outside of the capsule of your compass
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This is decorative paneling or molding. This part is usually found in the front of the unit, and serves as a front cover.
A molded panel, such as on the front and back of the system unit.