Definitions for "Kiosk "
A light ornamental structure used as a news stand, band stand, etc.
touch screen interaction with the software application.
Computer monitor display located in a public area such as shopping center, airport, hotel, highway rest stop, or office complex, giving real-time traffic information for the purpose of trip or route planning. Kiosk may also provide information on services, facilities, and the like.
A Turkish open summer house or pavilion, supported by pillars.
1) Free-standing pavilion or light structure, often inside a facility, where printed or electronic information is available. 2) A small enclosure for ticket sales, information, etc.
A pavilion in a Islamic garden. Example 1
small area set off by walls for special use
an elaborate information station normally used for public usage
a small building or structure that might house a selling or information unit
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Kiosk is a network capable MySQL database manager. It allows local or remote login to a MySQL database, table and row management, raw queries, row editing, and more. A CVS source tree is available for anyone willing to help out.
A computer in a public area that anyone may use. Usually does not require a login.
definition: Many people in Germany start their day with a stop at their local “Kiosk” where they can pick up the morning's paper, the latest magazine, or a phone card to top up their mobile telephone minutes. On Sundays when stores are closed, the local “Kiosk” is usually quite busy, as they carry some grocery items as well.
This mode drops all the visual clutter of your browser--its toolbars, menus, and borders--to leave more room for the Web page.
a computer housed in a box.
Kiosk is a framework that allows a user to restrict the capabilities of the KDE environment. It was originally designed for computer kiosks. Kiosks require a very stripped down and controlled environment to prevent users from doing anything harmful.
This is the area where resources are obtained for student use. There is a kiosk for the Humanities Department and the Math/Science Department. Before students are able to secure resources, they must have no overdue resources or outstanding fees. A school I.D. card is also required to sign out resources.
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a simple, centralized solution for employees, and can prove cost savings for the business
a solution right now, but it's not the best solution," said Lee
a self-contained unit that combines hardware and software to blend all current media, including video, photography, text and quality sound
a multi-point service delivery channel in a village
a customer facing application and can be as complex or even more than their other IT projects