Definitions for "Veranda"
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An open, roofed gallery or portico, adjoining a dwelling house, forming an out-of-door sitting room. See Loggia.
and open gallery or balcony with a roof supported by light supports
A big porch that surrounds more than one side of the house
Veranda is a humanist sans serif font designed by master typographer Matthew Carter. Microsoft commissioned Carter to create two faces specifically for web use, and the results were Veranda and Georgia (a serif face), probably they are good general purpose faces available for low resolution displays of the web. Verdana's, regular spacing makes it more readable on screen. Cartier has said that "Wider spacing wasn't enough, it also had to be more regular, this was thing that gave it an advantage in readability. Verdana really isn't wide, the sensation of width comes from the spacing".
a grill offering a selection of traditional and light dishes for weight watchers
an excellent place to enjoy "Caribbean Cuisine" as compared to the regular dishes prepared in Cozumel
A building style used in southwest Florida to describe a condominium unit in a two story building, each condo has its own private one car detached garage. Verandas condominiums can be found in Cypress Woods Golf and Country Club, Cedar Hammock, and Heritage Bay.
To dream of being on a veranda, denotes that you are to be successful in some affair which is giving you anxiety. For a young woman to be with her lover on a veranda, denotes her early and happy marriage. To see an old veranda, denotes the decline of hopes, and disappointment in business and love.
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Projection of the boards beyond the head, fore-edge and tail of a book. Sometimes known as squares.