Definitions for "Balcony"
A platform projecting from the wall of a building, usually resting on brackets or consoles, and inclosed by a parapet; as, a balcony in front of a window. Also, a projecting gallery in places of amusement; as, the balcony in a theater.
A projecting gallery once common at the stern of large ships.
A platform that projects out from the wall of a building.
Strictly speaking, the second tier of seating in a theatre, elevated and protruding over the back rows of orchestra seating. The balcony at the Rep is in fact the third seating section—the others are the orchestra and parterre—and gives an outstanding view of the stage. Unlike the balconies in many conventional theatres, the Rep’s is still close enough to the stage to provide an intimate experience.
A small outside private space, usually attaching to the main volume of a building, similar to but distinct from a “terrace” (see terrace).
See Amenity Space
The balconette bra provides about 1/2 to 3/4 of the coverage of a full cup bra. As such, it is designed to be worn under low cut tops. Balconette styles are designed to lift the whole bust upwards without enhancing your cleavage. (Giving a very 'upfront' shape.) A sexy style of bra which is a lovely gift idea when given as a bra & panty set.
See Balconette.
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a great plus if you like to have your own (Semi) private deck space to relax without intrusion from other passengers
Includes any porch, patio, covered deck or verandah, but does not include any deck area which is not provided with a roof
Usually this refers to the exterior balcony on an apartment. Similar to an exterior deck except that it is raised and accessed from the suite.
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For lovers to dream of making sad adieus on a balcony, long and perhaps final separation may follow. Balcony also denotes unpleasant news of absent friends.
a great price
a great vantage point for capturing a panoramic view of the ceremony
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a bonus but not an absolute necessity
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a good place but out in the open is always the best, exposed to drizzle, fog and cool air