Definitions for "Facade "
Facade enables developers to build highly modular Web applications. Arbitrary event handlers can be easily mapped to parts of request or event URLs via a configuration file, whereby unitizing, refactoring, and maintaining Web applications becomes very simple.
The front of a building; esp., the principal front, having some architectural pretensions. Thus a church is said to have its façade unfinished, though the interior may be in use.
The principal exterior face of a house or other building.
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Facade, also known as Erik Hanson, is a DC Comics villain created by Paul Dini. His only appearance so far is in Detective Comics # 821.
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a class with provide a unified interface to a set of interfaces in a subsystem (or more)
a high-level interface that masks lower-level subsystems
a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant
A decorative band of panels or other materials around the perimeter of the roof, often used to conceal the gable.
an object that controls the persistent business objects and hides them
an object that provides a single interface to multiple objects
a semantic wrapper of existing objects, an extended form of the AdapterPattern
Setting of upright stones flanking the entrance to a chambered tomb
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a dangerous thing They always end with your heart in a sling One person gets a false impression The other loses the first, ending in sharp depression But one thing you can't lose is faith Cause without it, your time is a waste
structural support or selective salvaging
a stereotype d package that contains only references to model element s owned by another package
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a neutral ground
a concept similar to "index" in data management in general