Definitions for "Element"
One of the simplest or essential parts or principles of which anything consists, or upon which the constitution or fundamental powers of anything are based.
One of the ultimate, undecomposable constituents of any kind of matter. Specifically: (Chem.) A substance which cannot be decomposed into different kinds of matter by any means at present employed; as, the elements of water are oxygen and hydrogen.
One of the simplest essential parts, more commonly called cells, of which animal and vegetable organisms, or their tissues and organs, are composed.
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10)(1) as in XML(2) an element of a set
One of the items that collectively form a metadata structure. Common elements are ‘title’, ‘creator’, ‘date’ and ‘publisher’. Dividing data into elements allows users to carry out more accurate searches by searching on one element only. For instance, when looking for documents by Jennifer Green, searching the ‘creator’ field only will retrieve items by Jennifer Green only. It avoids items where the word ‘green’ appears in other contexts, as a subject, location, etc.
One of 19 types of information that it is possible to combine to create a complete metadata set or metadata record.
One of the smallest natural divisions of the organism, as a blood corpuscle, a muscular fiber.
The smallest division within an XML document that is defined within a DTD or schema. An example is bodyformatted text/body. Body is the element.
An element represents the smallest sub-unit or body capable of operating independently. Movement and combat is by elements, each consisting of a fixed number of figures. For example, in 15mm play, an element of Pikes would be represented by four (4) 15mm figures on base 40mm x 15mm. [page 2 & 10
The generic word for the turnarounds, corkscrews and other effects designed into coasters.
A distinct part of a coaster track. Often used to describe types of inversions, helixes, spirals, and turnarounds.
The term used to describe a feature in a coaster's layout, such as a turn or inversion.
Unit of natural biological diversity, representing species (or infraspecies taxa), ecological communities, ecological systems, or other non-taxonomic biological entities, such as migratory species aggregation areas. For more information see Classification.
the basic building blocks of the Natural Heritage Inventory. They include natural communities, rare plants, rare animals, and other selected features such as colonial bird rookeries, bat hibernacula, and mussel beds. In short, an element is any biological or ecological entity upon which we wish to gather information for conservation purposes.
The biologic components of an ecosystem, used by the Heritage Network to assess biological diversity. These are grouped into three categories: species, natural plant communities, and "others" (a broad category encompassing an eclectic mix of natural features that a particular Heritage program believes are worthy of attention). The concept of "element occurrences" is the foundation of the Heritge approach to assessing biodiversity.
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Heating unit in an electric water heater.
The element used in Dux storage type electric units is basically a coil of resistance wire in a copper sheath to make a heating unit which produces heat by the passage of an electric current through it. All Dux electric water heater utilise a sheathed (copper or Incalloy) element where the resistance wire is contained within the sheath and is protected from the corrosive effects of hot water under elevated pressures.
A resistance coil of wire that heats up when current is applied. Also a part of a kiln.
A basic component e.g. of the work breakdown structure. Level 3 of the system hierarchy. [D02700] RMW
The basic "building block" used to model physical systems using the finite-element method. In SUTRA, each element is a quadrilateral (2D) or a generalized hexahedron (3D).
A planar surface with 3 or more vertices. Element data is imported from the supported geometry files, or it can be created within WinTherm. Elements = facets = polygons = triangles or quadrilaterals = face. WinTherm expects convex elements.
A component of a hierarchical structure. The first element of an array is zero. Elements of @example array: @example = (' Element 0', ' Element 1', ' Element 2'); References to elements of @example array: $example[0] = Element 0 $example[1] = Element 1 $example[2] = Element 2
The component of an array, subrange, enumeration, set, or other aggregate object.
See array element.
Any outline or sketch, regarded as containing the fundamental ideas or features of the thing in question; as, the elements of a plan.
In cartography, a basic or fundamental item which cannot be separated or broken-down into a more simple state. A component which is part of a greater whole.
A fundamental unit of description used by Metadata. Sometimes referred to as a “field” or “ attribute”.
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a concept used to define the scope of each CCFM SFM criteria. Each CCFM SFM criterion contains several elements. The CSA SFM elements were derived from the national-scale elements developed by the CCFM for more specific local applications. The elements serve to elaborate and specify the scope of their associated criterion.
See Criterion.
A group of plates in a battery. Three elements for a six volt and six elements for the twelve volt battery. The elements are connected in series.
A single stand of troops. Each element is comprised of 2 to 4 figures (or one chariot, elephant, warwagon, or artillery piece). Twelve elements make up a standard DBA army. Fanatici - Someone who participates in the Fanaticus DBA on-line community; the term is not associated with the rules per se.
One of the ultimate parts which are variously combined in anything; as, letters are the elements of written language; hence, also, a simple portion of that which is complex, as a shaft, lever, wheel, or any simple part in a machine; one of the essential ingredients of any mixture; a constituent part; as, quartz, feldspar, and mica are the elements of granite.
A constituent unit which contributes to the operation of a hybrid microcircuit. Integral elements include deposited or screened passive circuit elements , metallisation paths, and deposited or formed insulation. Discrete elements include wires or ribbon.
One of the constituent parts of a sonic characteristic. Bass, midrange, and treble are elements of frequency response. Depth and breadth are elements of soundstaging.
The word element is used at times to describe individual report components such as database fields, formulas, and group fields. The Design Tab uses rectangular boxes to represent fields.
A single component or index.
a component part of the landscape (eg hedges, roads, woods).
Each unit in an NVQ/SVQ is made up of elements. Each element describes an action, behaviour or outcome an individual has to perform in order to demonstrate competence in that element.
Part not divisible of a functional complex, which a characteristic behaviour or a particular activity owns.
Any electric device with terminals that may be connected to other electric devices, such as a generator, transformer, circuit, circuit breaker, or bus section
Any electric device which has terminals that can be connected to other electric devices (typical limited to a generator, transformer, circuit, circuit breaker or bus section).
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One out of several parts combined in a system of aggregation, when each is of the nature of the whole; as, a single cell is an element of the honeycomb.
To compound of elements or first principles.
Any single glass lens within a eyepiece or telescope.
The medium or material that does the actual filtering or separating. May be paper, wire mesh, special cellulose, inorganic plastic, or a combination.( 050)
(subobject) A individual mesh obejct grouped together in one object.
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The realization of a semantic unit in a particular namespace.
An element is a document structuring unit declared in the DTD. The element's content model is defined in the DTD, and additional semantics may be defined in the prose description of the element.
An individual sound track at a mix. Also called a "unit."
Medium used in a housing to perform the function of coalescing, filtering or separating. Also referred to as cartridge, repack etc.
See cartridge.
A single move that has a recognized way of performance and technical value. To be named after a gymnast, he or she must first submit the element to the FIG and then successfully perform the element in a FIG sanctioned international competition, such as the World Championships or Olympic Games.
Heat sensing portion of EGT/TIT thermocouple made using a special ALCOLOYâ process.
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In an .asx file, an entity that defines a particular setting or action to the client. Elements can be modified by attributes. For example, a ref element has attributes that define the URL that points to particular content.
In the FLA Standards for Electronically Delivered Staff Development separate items under each attribute are referred to as elements. Close
An infinitesimal part of anything of the same nature as the entire magnitude considered; as, in a solid an element may be the infinitesimal portion between any two planes that are separated an indefinitely small distance. In the calculus, element is sometimes used as synonymous with differential.
Anything that can appear on a page of a script, for example, a clip or a text line.
An element is any of the properties of an item that can be set to hold an integer value.
Any item that appears in a Model.
Although technically synonymous with 'item', 'element' is used in the Escendency system to describe organisation chart items such as Directorate, Services, Departments, and Team elements.
In the IDCON assessment. A CBP is equal to an element, which is the lowest level of detail in a Key Process. The best way known to do something. The future might reveal a better way of doing something and thus change the CBP. illustration
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Elements are children of either Pages or Styles. They are text macro blocks, and they can be nested. They are the basis of Midgard's templating system.
A building block in an EDI document. Elements are grouped together to produce segments, which in turn are grouped together to form an EDI document. (See Data Element.)
A part or subsection of an area in the description of a catalogue entry (e.g. the title proper "element" in the title and statement of responsibility "area").
A subunit of an area of description.
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ERP Extended Managed Mail Tray (emm)
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The four elements were, air, earth, water, and fire
Each sign is associated with one of the four Elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each sign is a unique combination of Element and Modality. See also: Modality.
See Study Guide: Elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water
An Apple event object contained by another Apple event object specified as the element's container. An Apple event object can contain many elements of the same element class, whereas an Apple event object can have only one of each of its properties. See also Apple event object, container, element classes, property.
A member of or an object in a set.
An element is one object that makes up part of an illustration. On a drawing of a cat, one whisker would like be an individual element. (Drawings are created element by element.)
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The bread and wine used in the eucharist or Lord's supper.
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Sumo is full of many traditional elements.
A property of a bus representing an abstract hardware construct. event Datapath reset and control path reset events.
EMS elements are those identified in BS EN ISO 14001: 1996 EMS specifications and supplemented by the public statement requirements of EC Regulation 761/2001 on EMAS.
An indivisible security requirement.
a file that is part of an asset
Part of a cross section forming a distinct part of the whole. (Compression element, tension element outstand.).
A word, phrase, or group of characters representing a distinct unit of bibliographic information and forming part of an area of the description.
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A black or white bar
In a bar code, rectangular black bars or the space between the bars.
a generic term used to refer to either a bar or space.
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A section of track that adds a thrill factor. E.g. Barrel Roll, Vertical Loop etc.
The image coordinate that makes up each division of the image along a scan line. Elements run vertically up and down the frame; they are numbered left to right with the leftmost element numbered one.
A file that can be loaded into a View via the renderElement() method.
2-aircraft formations within a "Flight", 1-2, and 3-4. Each element has someone that is "Flight Lead" qualified.
Formation of two aircraft.
To constitute; to make up with elements.
learning outcome within a standard on the National Qualifications Framework; collectively the elements constitute the title of the standard.
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One of the terms in an algebraic expression.
The porous device that performs the actual process of filtration.
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Sometimes a curve, or surface, or volume is considered as described by a moving point, or curve, or surface, the latter being at any instant called an element of the former.
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enough essence exceed explore
The point or requirement that legally permits someone to take a cause of action in a lawsuit. Every cause of action has a list of elements that must be alleged and proved.
A film, sound recording, or videotape that is part of the overall process of producing a complete presentation.
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A portion of a video frame or the sound associated with a video frame. For example, an element of a frame may be a rectangular region containing the image of a bare chest.
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A graphic element in the scene that can be selected; a vertex, edge, face, body, or a light are all elements of a scene.
of a pattern - A small feature of an embossing pattern, usually completely surrounded by a region that is at a different elevation. Also called an "embossment". If the element is raised with respect to its surroundings, then it is called male. If the element is recessed with respect to its surroundings, then it is called female. With some embossing patterns, an element may contain smaller elements within it (see spot embossing).
One of the necessary data or values upon which a system of calculations depends, or general conclusions are based; as, the elements of a planet's orbit.
In z/OS, a base function that can be dropped and replaced by a non-IBM product, but all z/OS integrated testing results and performance claims are voided with such replacement.
One processor in a pipeline processor that performs a specific type of mathematical operation on the data sent through the pipeline.
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One of the maximum four waveforms that form a voice. See Also voice.
Any structural part of the filter on which the membrane or media is supported.
Application programs, object files, source code files, documentation, database structures, key parameter file information.
a structure built of wood, cable or rope on a ropes course around which each learning activity is centered
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A feature or an instance of a class.
an instance of an element type.
A section of a body obtained from dividing the body up into a finite number of regions.
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(set theory) a member of a set.
In mathematics, the elements or members of a set (or more generally a class) are all those objects which when collected together make up the set (or class).
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glossary entries
See native elements (group).
Positive group, negative group and separators.
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see microphone element
one photographic image, which will be composited with others to create a complete visual effects shot.
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The whole material composing the world.
In physical data modeling, one column in a table or field in a file. Also called: Data Element.
A system, node or application. Show related articles
92 elements naturally occur on Earth. Every thing is either an element or made of elements combined with each other (p.28-34).
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a value in a record, list, or set; or a key/value pair in a table.
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A member of a collection. See also collection data type.
(see Data Element)
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See entity.
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the conditions and movements of the air.
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See book element.
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An element is a base piece that may consist of an image, a text piece, a data file, etc.
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See printing element.
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See call-information element.