Definitions for "Species Diversity"
A measure of both species abundance and species richness. An area that has a large number of species and many representative individuals from each species is more diverse than an area that has only a single species.
the variance of distinct species that are found in an assemblage community, or sample.
A function of the distribution and abundance of species. Approximately synonymous with species richness. In more technical literature, includes considerations of the evenness of species abundances. An ecosystem is said to be more diverse, according to the more technical definition, if species present have equal population sizes and less diverse if many species are rare and some are very common.
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A weighted representation of the species of organisms living in a region; large and common species are given greater weight than are small and rare ones. (Contrast with species richness.)
different types of plants, animals and micro-organisms that live in a region.
The number of living species on Earth.
a calculation that relates the density of individuals of each species (or order) present in a habitat to the total number of species (or orders) in that habitat.