Definitions for "Niche"
A cavity, hollow, or recess, generally within the thickness of a wall, for a statue, bust, or other erect ornament. Hence, any similar position, literal or figurative.
A shallow recess in a wall designed to contain a statue or some other ornament
Shallow recess in wall for a statue or vase.
The environment of an organism and its adaptive response to that environment.
the place occupied by a species in its ecosystem and its role: where it lives, what it feeds on and when it performs all its activities.
that particular part of the total environment utilized by an organism.
A focused, targetable part of a market. see also boutique, demographics, market research, mass market, positioning, pure play.
a focused area of concentration
an unmet, underserved, ignored, overlooked, or neglected need of a target group
A specialized segment of a market that is usually geared towards one specific purpose.
A distinct segment of a market.
a distinguishable market that can be uniquely served by an eBay retailer who provides this specialized group of customers with products, services and information
a particular specialty in which a business or person finds they prosper
a specialty or subject that you will focus on when deciding what products to offer your customers
a specialty that only a few can provide to the few willing to pay for the service or product
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It is the mihrab.
This term hasn't been defined yet
a more narrowly defined group, typically a small market whose needs are not being well served
a narrowly defined group of potential customers
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a local peak on the bell curve of individuals or companies
The niche in classical architecture is an exedra or an apse that has been reduced in size, retaining the half-dome heading usual for an apse. Nero's Domus Aurea (AD 64-69) was the first semi-private dwelling that possessed rooms that were given richly varied floor plans, shaped with niches and exedras; sheathed in dazzling polished white marble, such curved surfaces concentrated or dispersed the daylight.
a highly specialized market consisting of people who have a strong passion for a certain area of interest
a narrow category of products that caters to a specific marketplace
a place you go, a perceived opening in the marketplace
A subdivision within a motivational category of chain letters. For example, of exchange letters, postcards or recipes may be exchanged. Also a subdivision of the population of recipients (e.g. by gender, age, ethnic identity, language) that manifests in the propagation of varying chain letters with content specialized for this subdivision.
A niche is a category. When talking about gay porn we try put everything into tidy categories to make things easier to find. Twinks, bears, muscle, Asian, Ebony, are all examples of a niche.
a general category for adult content
Encyclopaedia Britannica 2002
a metal can large enough to contain the fixture, cemented watertight to the side of the pool
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A niche is simply a porn genre we've pre-determined. View all niches here.
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A viable mode of existence.
an architectural ornament of specific geometrical properties
A specific subject matter.
a field of interest that has been narrowed down to a specific area. For instance, dogs is a field of interest to many people. To further narrow down this field of interest to a specific niche, you might focus on one breed of dogs or perhaps focus on training them for a specific purpose.
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a small concavity
a small crack which can be opened for maximum advantage
a small gap that exists between supply and demand
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an enclosure that is set back or indented
a place or person particularly suitable to the person or thing in it
a special place within the scheme of things
a place to store something
a situation or an activity perfectly suited to a person
a group of people that share a common characteristic and there are a million of them
a group of potential customers (they could be individuals or they could be companies) who share some common characteristics
a difficult concept to define because it is the totality of all biological and environmental factors that affect a population
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a region of France
an event or location that has interacting with women you find attractive, more or less automatically
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a group of people that share common situations, needs, and goals
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a set of web pages which include numerous links to each other but few links to other pages