Definitions for "Indented"
Cut in the edge into points or inequalities, like teeth; jagged; notched; stamped in; dented on the surface.
Having an uneven, irregular border; sinuous; undulating.
Notched like the part of a saw consisting of the teeth; serrated; as, an indented border or ordinary.
Keywords:  apprenticed, servant, bound
Bound out by an indenture; apprenticed; indentured; as, an indented servant.
Keywords:  dancetty, zigzags, bites, wedge, shears
A dividing line or edge of an ORDINARY consisting of small zigzags.
Indented means that the edge(s) of whatever is being described have a continuous row of wedge-shaped bites taken out, as if it had been trimmed with pinking shears. the bites are smaller than they would be, if the term dancetty were used.
having repeated square indentations like those in a battlement; "a crenelated molding"