Definitions for "Notching"
The act of making notches; the act of cutting into small hollows.
The small hollow, or hollows, cut; a notch or notches.
A method of joining timbers, scantling, etc., by notching them, as at the ends, and overlapping or interlocking the notched portions.
Method of decoration that consists of producing a series of single lines on the rim or collar of the vessel.
Simple form of decoration found in primitive woodwork.
Notching is usually found on vessel rims and/or collars. This form of decoration consists of a series of single incised or impressed lines. painting: Mineral and vegetal pigments can be used to create a variety of paints. In some parts of the world, painted decorations replaced incised or stamped decorations.
Notching is the periodic voltage disturbance caused by the normal operation of power electronic devices (such as a three-phase converter) when current is commutated from one phase to another. When the current commutates, there is a momentary short circuit between the two remaining phases, pulling the voltage as close to zero as permitted by system impedances. Since notching occurs continuously, it can be characterized through the harmonic spectrum of the affected voltage.
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Flying through a gap (notch) in a mountain range