Definitions for "Biscuit"
Earthen ware or porcelain which has undergone the first baking, before it is subjected to the glazing.
A species of white, unglazed porcelain, in which vases, figures, and groups are formed in miniature.
Unglazed porcelain or earthenware that has been fired only once. Such ware is sometimes erroneously termed "bisque" in England and the United States. Ware deliberately left unglazed include porcelain introduced in the 1750s at the Sèvres factory in France for modeling figures and groups, perhaps because it resembled marble. Biscuit was later made elsewhere on the Continent and at the Derby factory in England about 1770.
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A kind of unraised bread, of many varieties, plain, sweet, or fancy, formed into flat cakes, and bakes hard; as, ship biscuit.
A small loaf or cake of bread, raised and shortened, or made light with soda or baking powder. Usually a number are baked in the same pan, forming a sheet or card.
A small lump of bread, like a deformed roll, made from dough that has been rolled and then cut or else dropped from a spoon. The American usage is inaccurate since "biscuit" means "twice-cooked". What the British correctly refer to as a biscuit is called a "cracker" in the US.
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A wooden disc in the center of the aluminum cone of a resophonic guitar. The biscuit supports the bridge.
a flat football shaped plate which is usually made from compressed beech wood shavings
a football-shaped piece of wood that fits into slots cut into the short grain
a "clinker," a bad dancer a "corn shredder," a half-smoked cigarette a "dincher
a light grayish yellowish brown; a grayish yellow.
Usually used to describe Pekingese and Samoyeds, this color is a combination of light gray, yellow, and brown hues with medium brilliance and saturation (perhaps a gray-yellow). Color definitions may vary by breed. Always check the breed standard for the definitive color description.
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an edible snack
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a rubber blow up tube with a canvas cover and you tie it on to the back of the speedboat, sit into it and the boat drags you around the lake
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A type of batter used to make sponge sheets or fingers. Also indicates a batter where the yolks and whites are whipped separately and folded together.
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These rich flaky rolls are common in the Southern United States, where they are often made using sour milk.
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Excess of ladled metal remaining in the shot sleeve of a cold chamber die casting machine. It is part of the cast shot and is removed from the die with the casting.
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A slang term for the puck
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a type of food