Definitions for "Ironstone"
is a hard, heavy, durable earthenware with a white porcelain-like appearance. It's also called Masonware.
A kind of strong pottery perfected and patented in the early 19th century by Miles Mason.
Stoneware, patented 1813 by Charles James Mason, containing ground glassy slag, a by-product of iron smelting, for extra strength.
a sedimentary rock rich in iron minerals.
any clay, chert or other type of rock that contains iron; iron ore. [AHDOS
Ironstone is a fine-grained, heavy and compact sedimentary rock. Its main components are the carbonate or oxide of iron, clay and/or sand. It can be thought as a concretionary form of siderite.
Ironstone was the basis of the industrial revolution on Teesside. Vast seams of ironstone underlie much of East Cleveland and it was mined industrially from 1850.
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A hard, earthy ore of iron.
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ironstone china.
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a soil type containing iron.