Definitions for "Pearlware"
White earthenware containing more flint and white clay than creamware.
A late 18th century attempt to make white pasted ceramics. Virtually all pearlware was decorated in some form, either in under glazed enameling, transfer printing, edge decoration, or annular banding. Pearlware was replaced on the market by less expensive and harder whitewares by the 1830s.
Much the same as creamware but with a small amount of cobalt added to the glaze to act as a whitener. The glaze puddling has a decidedly blue cast. Blue-decorated wares were all the rage in the second half of the 18th century in England, with the most desirable wares coming from China. English potters painting their creamwares in blue met with little success, as aesthetically, the appearance fell short of the Chinese porcelain counterparts. Pearlware solved the problem.