Definitions for "SALT GLAZE"
A hard translucent non-porous glaze on stoneware. Salt was thrown into the kiln at the moment of peak temperature, depositing a fine coating of soda and alumina on the surface of the ware giving it a thin, intensely hard film of transparent soda glass. It is characterized by tiny pin holes or granules giving it a rough surface.
a hard, glassy sodium-silicon glaze resulting from the vapors created by the introduction of salt (sodium) into the hot kiln atmosphere hear the end of a high temperature firing.
Pottery glazed by the salt vapor created by throwing crushed rock salt into the kiln during the firing process. American cobalt-decorated stoneware was salt-glazed and exhibits the characteristic "orange peel" texture of the surface. British potters used this process in the 18th century on highly-detailed, thin bodied white stoneware with a much more finely textured surface, found both plain and polychromed.