Definitions for "Crawling"
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If glaze is applied too heavily, the consequence can be seporation of the glaze from the clay. It looks as if the glaze crawled away from an area. It may look like the remnent of a greasey finger print. Bisque clay readily absorbs oil from finger prints, nose or elbow bumps. These are commons reasons for the glaze to crawl away from an area ; leaving bare spots on a glaze fired piece. For more information: TUTORIALS CRAWLING TUTORIAL
When the fired glaze retracts to expose the bare body.
A condition where fired glaze separates into clumps or islands leaving bare clay patches showing in-between. More prevalent in once fired ware. There are many causes for crawling (typically glazes shrink too much during drying and don't have a good bond with the bisque) in the Magic of Fire book. Some times glazes are made to crawl intentionally. One technique to make this happen is to add 15-20% magnesium carbonate (testing required to determine amount) to a low fire transparent glaze.
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"Crawling" is a Grammy Award winning song by the nu metal/rapcore band Linkin Park. It is the fifth track from their 2000 debut album Hybrid Theory.
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The third stage of the five stages of self-healing, in which you venture into new movement territories, taking calculated risks to discover new skills that improve the way you move.
a slow creeping mode of locomotion (on hands and knees or dragging the body); "a crawl was all that the injured man could manage"; "the traffic moved at a creep"
Moving along on hands and knees with alternate arm and leg movements
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The action done by search engine bots when analyzing web pages and following links.
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The spider that look for links in the pages (urls) it downloads and then crawl down through the domain.
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Mobility on a really bad day.