Definitions for "SPIDER"
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An web-based application for active network devices record creation and SNMP management of it.
This is another name for a search engine robot.
A software program that "crawls" the Web, searching through Web pages and sites and indexing those pages in a database of Web pages that can then be searched using a search engine.
Any one of numerous species of arachnids comprising the order Araneina. Spiders have the mandibles converted into poison fangs, or falcers. The abdomen is large and not segmented, with two or three pairs of spinnerets near the end, by means of which they spin threads of silk to form cocoons, or nests, to protect their eggs and young. Many species spin also complex webs to entrap the insects upon which they prey. The eyes are usually eight in number (rarely six), and are situated on the back of the cephalothorax. See Illust. under Araneina.
Any one of various other arachnids resembling the true spiders, especially certain mites, as the red spider (see under Red).
predatory arachnid that usually has silk-spinning organs at the back end of the body; they spin silk to make cocoons for eggs or traps for prey
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An iron pan with a long handle, used as a kitchen utensil in frying food. Originally, it had long legs, and was used over coals on the hearth.
A trevet to support pans or pots over a fire.
a skillet made of cast iron
Component of a speaker driver that holds the voice coil and rear of the diaphragm in position near the magnet and also acts as a spring or bungee to return a moving diaphragm to its stationary position.
The part of the speaker attached to the junction of the cone and voice coil that keeps the voice coil aligned in the gap and helps suspend the cone.
A flat, round, springy device that holds the vibrating cone of a dynamic loudspeaker. The spider is where the diaphragm meets the voice coil.
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Spider is a 2001 psychological thriller directed by Canadian David Cronenberg and based on the novel of the same name by Patrick Mc Grath, who also wrote the screenplay.
Spider is a novel by the British novelist Patrick Mc Grath, originally published in the United States in 1990. Its eponymous character, birth name Dennis Cleg, is a recent arrival from a lunatic asylum to a halfway house in the East End of London-- just a few streets away, by strange coincidence, from the very house where he grew up, and the scene of some barely visible but tremendous trauma which peeps out at the reader gradually from the fog of Spider's reminiscences.
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SPDR. Shares of a security designed to track the value of the SP 500. Spiders...
Shares of a security designed to track the value of the S&P 500. Spiders trade on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol SPY. One SPDR unit is valued at approximately one-tenth of the value of the S&P 500. Dividends are distributed quarterly, and are based on the accumulated stock dividends held in trust, less any expenses of the trust. also called SPDRs
See: SPDRs
A trivet or tripod for suspending a cooking pot on a hearth.
Another name for a tripod, or lamp shade holder.
A skeleton, or frame, having radiating arms or members, often connected by crosspieces; as, a casting forming the hub and spokes to which the rim of a fly wheel or large gear is bolted; the body of a piston head; a frame for strengthening a core or mold for a casting, etc.
machine part consisting of several radiating spokes or arms, usually not connected at outer ends.
Adaptor to connect many lanterns to one multicore cable. Consists of multipin connector (typically Socapex or Lectriflex), short length of cable, then a number of sockets related to the number of circuits in the cable.
Either plug spider or socket spider and they have a leci connector on one end and 6 15A sockets/plugs on the other end.
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a friend, Structure is related to function
Spider was a musical children's television series made by Hibbert Ralph Entertainment for the BBC that aired in 1991. It follows the stories of a Spider that only ever wants a quiet life, but is always foiled by a young boy, who is the other main character in the series, along with his friends (both Animal & Human).
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The cross frame near the top of a shade.
a shade part that fits onto the top of the harp and is secured by the finial
The name of the cross frame by the top of a lamp shade.
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an evacuation ship
a ship to ship boarding device, used in emergency and hostile situations. It consists of an X shaped array attached at its center to an articulated hollow arm that swings out from the attacking ship. The X has hydraulically actuated claws on the ends of each arm that dig into the hull of the ship to be boarded and hold it on. In the center is a conical, hydraulic "beak" that punches through the hull and opens up into four segments, that peel the plates open inwardly. Thus opening a sealed hole connecting to the hollow arm that then serves as a passageway between the two ships.
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A spider is normally thought to be a bad omen, but in your teacup spiders signify good fortune. It may hint that you'll get some new clothes and things will go well on the money front.
a co-dominant condition in ball pythons resulting in pinstripe (see) black colors, and white bleeding up from the ventral side of the snake.
A self-rescue system that hangs two or more climbers off the same cordelette or sling simultaneously
(1) In a moulding press, that part of an ejector mechanism which operates the ejector pins. (2) In extrusion, a term used to denote the membranes supporting a mandrel within the head/die assembly.
veins—small, superficial veins that enlarge and appear as a "sunburst" pattern of reddish and purplish veins.
a fun children's clothing store in the Fashion Show mall
an enchanting children's clothing and furniture store
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A plate that bridges two or more transfer pins and distributes force equally. Commonly used for lifter, light weight pads, and positive knockouts.
the right side of the crankset that the chainrings attach to.
A spider daylily is one with long, narrow blossom segments. True spiders are daylilies in which a length-to-width ratio of 5 to 1 has been achieved. The term, however, has typically been applied more loosely, and there are many so-called spiders that do not meet that specification.
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see flying paster
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In the early 1900s, a light two-seater car. In the 1950s the word was revived by some Italian manufacturers for an open two seater sports car.
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a frothy drink made from soft drink (soda), flavouring and ice cream
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Spindle Spool valve
a picture finder, you can gain a slight improvement over lm hashing method therefore completely undermines good password policy should include instructions that a user never tell his or her password
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a repellent against plague when worn around the neck in a walnut shell
Spider is a type of solitaire card game. It is one of the more popular two-deck solitaire games and, while it is difficult, the majority of its games can be won.
a powerful creature because it can create great change and disarray, and yet it is such a small being"
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a copyright of Paramount Home Video
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A hold-out device attached to the cheater's coat or vest.
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a great coach
Three top horizontal rods of a lampshade frame
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a Black dark midnight sky
Spider is the term given to an S.P.D.R. or a Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipt.
Keywords:  paced, exciting, fast, read
a fast-paced and exciting read
Keywords:  ecosystem, beneficial, member
a beneficial member of an ecosystem
Keywords:  newbies, training, animal, good
a good training animal for newbies
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A hard break of tailed stars, which radiate outward from the burst. Available in gold or white.
See picture ] metal coupling operating the shutters of Patent sails
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Similar to the rest but has an arch-shaped head, which is used to elevate (and support) the tip of the cue above the height of the cue ball.
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a circular steel device that holds slips supporting a suspended string of drill pipe, casing, or tubing. A spider may be split or solid.
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Brake backing plate to which the brake shoes are anchored.
A spider is part for a secondary mirror system in a reflecting telescope to attach the secondary mirror cell to the telescope tube.
A set of gears in the differential that allow the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds as the vehicle is cornering.
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A 5-man base unit for wedges, diamonds, or anything you like
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A wire basket with a long handle for lifting food items out of hot liquids.
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an excellent film with a well written story
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a tree with nodes (called feet) placed in different basic regions
A circuiting device that allows multiple lighting instruments to be combined into a single circuit or cable. See Also: Cable Circuit Lighting Instrument
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See You can go to the ball..