Definitions for "crawl "
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Crawling refers to the process of following hyperlinks to navigate from page to page and site to site to gather information about that website.
an action performed by a robot
The movement of a search engine spider (or bot) through the internet by following the links between sites.
To move slowly by drawing the body along the ground, as a worm; to move slowly on hands and knees; to creep.
to move or advance in a feeble, slow, or timorous manner.
To advance slowly and furtively; to insinuate one's self; to advance or gain influence by servile or obsequious conduct.
To scroll a line of title text sideways, left or right across the screen. See also roll.
Text moving horizontally across the bottom of a video screen.
The listing of credits that rolls ("Crawls") across the TV screen at t he beginning or ending of a program. These credits include the name of the director, producer, stars, technical crew, sponsors and copyright information.
This is a rewrite of Linley Henzell's game Crawl in C++. Crawl is a rogue-like similar to games like Moria, Angband, and NetHack.
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a swimming stroke; arms are moved alternately overhead accompanied by a flutter kick
swim by doing the crawl; "European children learn the breast stroke; they often don't know how to crawl"
A stroke made in the prone position characterised by alternate over arm movements and a continuous up-and-down kick; originally known as the Australian crawl.
A pen or inclosure of stakes and hurdles on the seacoast, for holding fish.
Crawl downloading is the backup download strategy. Unlike the the Nici-Quick download strategy, Crawl downloading systematically downloads and searches through all links. Before starting a Crawl download, a number of parameters need to be chosen. More
The activity of using software to recursively download web documents by following links. There are a variety of crawl methods, including: focused crawl, smart crawl, incremental crawl, targeted crawl, and customized crawl. See also crawler.
It is a software that follows link in your website.
Crawl starts a depth-first traversal of the Web at the specified URLs. It stores all JPEG images that match the configured constraints. Crawl is fairly fast and allows for graceful termination. After terminating crawl, it is possible to restart it at exactly the same spot where it was terminated. It also keeps a persistent database that allows multiple crawls without revisiting sites.
a massive scan of your site
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be crawling with; "The old cheese was crawling with maggots"
To search content to include it in an index. See also: content source, inclusion/exclusion rules, update dashboard See definition for: digital dashboard
The content associated with a web capture operation that is conducted by a crawler.
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to play a higher-ranking card in the suit led, or in trump
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show submission or fear
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A passage which must be negotiated on hands and knees.