Definitions for "led "
Light Emitting Diode An electronic device that efficiently emits light with little generation of heat. LEDs are often used in fiber-optic systems instead of coherent light lasers, particularly when low speeds or short distances are involved.
ight mitting iode. A diode that emits light when current passes through it.
A high-intensity "solid state" bulb which lasts up to 100,000 hours. Able to run for very long periods of time on very little power (see individual lights for specific run times). Available in various colors including Ultraviolet.
Led is a general purpose LDAP editor which allows editing of LDIF records or standard unix flat file representations of LDAP databases using your favorite editor.
A small text editor, providing a number of the useful programming features found in larger editors, but hopefully with less bloat.
Led is a small, fullscreen text editor for unix, primarily intended for use as a programming editor. Programming modes do syntax highlighting and can do auto indentation. Keybindings, colors, and general options may be changed in each user's ~/.ledrc file.
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of Lead.
Leading Edge Device. Slats or flaps along the wing leading edge to improve airplane control during slow flight (takeoff, approach, and landing).
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Logical Library LTO
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Low Energy Detector (of the ERMS)
Provide information in a camera's viewfinder, such as flash-ready and focus confirmation.
lowest effective dose. The lowest dose of a chemical that produced a specified level of an adverse effect when it was administered to animals in a toxicity study. For example, the LED10 is the lowest effective dose that produced an effect in 10% of the exposed animals.
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Low power/long life alternative to a standard lamp
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Local Service Area