Definitions for "Emitter"
It is an electrode on a transistor from which a flow of electrons or holes enters the region between the electrodes.
The semiconductor material in a transistor that emits carriers into the base region when the emitter-base junction is forward biased.
the electrode in a transistor where electrons originate
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a device used in drip irrigation to transfer water from a pipe or tube to the area to be irrigated
a delivery device used in trickle (drip) irrigation to reduce the water pressure within the lateral line to nil before discharging the water to the soil.
a device that regulates the flow of water at a slow rate in drip irrigation systems
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A device used on fibre optic networks. Using an LED or laser, it emits pulses of light onto a fibre optic cable.
a light-emitting diode (LED) or a laser which transmits an optical pulse along the fibre
1. The sensor containing the source of sensing energy in opposed-mode sensing. 2. The emitting device within any sensor (e.g. LED, laser diode, ultrasonic transducer, etc.).
Panel that broadcasts description audio (and, in some cases, amplified main audio for hard-of-hearing people) via infrared light waves.
See infrared emitter.
(also infrared emitter, infrared blaster): Generates infrared pulses that control consumer electronic hardware (most remotes have one).
a Gmod feature that acts like an automatic particle spawner
In dynamics, an object that generates moving or stationary particles while an animation plays. Emitters are useful for producing smoke, fire, fireworks, rain, and similar effects. You can create a standalone emitter, or you can use a surface, curve, volume or even another particle as an emitter. See also
an object that will generate multiple versions of the same object and move them in the Z direction
A conducting sharp object, usually a needle or wire, which will cause a corona discharge when kept at a high potential.
Anything which emits, in this context, sound.
Anything that radiates measurable electromagnetic radiation.
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A tool that allows you to place special effects, such as fog. An emitter is also the name of the effect itself.
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A program that creates or "emits" a kind of output. For example, a program may emit XML documents or outlines.
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