Definitions for "Mainline"
A large magazine rack or “reading center” displayed within interior aisles of supermarkets and other retail outlets. It may be a wall fixture or a free-standing rack in the middle of a store aisle. For publishers, mainline is not as desirable as checkout display (see definition).
The multi-title magazine display rack in supermarkets and other mass outlets, often not at the front of the store. For publishers, not as desirable as checkout display (see definition).
is the display rack in retail outlets containing an assortment of titles and generally not positioned at the front of the store. Mainline display is considered to be of secondary value to checkout display.
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to inject (illegal drugs) into the vein; as, he preferred to mainline heroin rather than sniff coke.
inject into the vein; "She is mainlining heroin"
to inject drugs intravenously
The piping upstream of the control valve.
Pressurized pipe running from the point of connection to the zone control valves.
the piping that provides pressurized water to the sprinkler sections.
A reference to long-standing denominational establishments; mainline churches are those such as the Presbyterians, Episcopalians, and others.
In the United States, the mainline (also sometimes called mainstream) denominations are those Protestant denominations with a potpourri of conservative, moderate, and liberal theologies. The hallmark of the mainline churches is moderation. Their theologies tend to be moderate and influenced by higher criticism, consciously or not.
To chop branches, tops, or small trees after felling, so that the slash lies close to the ground. To cut the limbs from a felled tree. 1. In cable logging, the line used to retrieve turns of logs. 2. The main access road to a forest tract.
a telephone line; the connection between the customer premises equipment (e.g., telephone) or public telephone and the central office. Includes all lines that are active and usable, rather than the entire installed base of lines.
Mainline is a 1997 cyberpunk novel by Deborah Christian. The story follows Reva, an assassin with the ability to see multiple possible futures and choose which one becomes real, making this future the "mainline".
The motorway and landtake associated with it
For English language luck chain letters, the sequence of types, commencing with Ancient Prayer, that have circulated abundantly at some time and which share much text in common with the prior type. CLEVO
Mainline is a library for easy implementation of secure, location neutral, message passing communcations with strong authentication which allows developers to rapidly create robust networked applications.