Definitions for "loc "
The loc program provides the capability to count source and comment lines in multiple languages, currently including C/C++, Fortran, IDL, Java, Lisp, Matlab/Octave, Perl, PHP, Python, SAS, shell, SQL, and Tcl/Expect. Multiple files can be scanned, with recusion through subdirectories, and the grand total counts will also be given.
etter omment. A letter written to a fanzine as a comment on the previous issue; most fanzines accept locs in lieu of money.
Letter of Credit. A financial guaranty issued by a bank that permits the party to which it is issued to draw funds from the bank in the event of a valid unpaid claim against the other party; in reinsurance, typically used to permit reserve credit to be taken with respect to non-admitted reinsurance; an alternative to funds withheld and modified coinsurance. Also referred to as an LOC.
ILS localizer
Localizer - the horizontal guidance component of an ILS
Localizer. The component of an ILS that provides course guidance to the runway.
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locative masculine neuter non- (e.g. NSG nonsingular, NPST nonpast)
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On the LOC, 4 students (all GSC members) work with administrators and faculty to try to stop the usage of sweatshops to produce Georgetown apparel. The LOC began in 1999 when GSC occupied the President's office for an 85-hour sit-in, demanding the university join the WRC and adopt a "Code of Conduct" for all licensed goods (anything with a G'town logo). In the past, students have convinced the LOC to cut contracts with sweatshop-using licensees such as New Era. Now, students on the LOC are working on the "Sweat Free Campaign." [more on the Sweat-free campaign] Official LOC site:
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ibrary ongress ( Link to LOC POW/MIA Database Website)
A cache database file format. The LOC format is available to all members. Only the most basic cache information is included in a LOC file. LOC files can be requested from a cache page, a Pocket Query (for Premium Members), or from a search list.
Abbreviation for: localizer Fr: LOC
Level of consciousness (Example: "She has an altered LOC from head trauma.")
abbreviation for Level of consciousness or loss of consciousness.
Local Organising Committee
Library of Congress. Most often used in conjunction with a number as in LOC number. This number is used by the library for cataloging purposes.
Library of Congress; Landsat Oversight Committee (Colorado)
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From locos meaning crazy; crazy muthafuka.
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Second name of the popular rap artist who released 'Wild Thing' and 'Funky Cold Medina'.
Lines of Communication. All the land, water and air routes that connect an operating military force with one or more bases of operations and along which supplies and reinforcements move.
line of communications
An acronym for Steel Battalion: Line of Contact.
The location of the maximum residual given in the column headed by MXRES. The location is the equation number in either the exterior or interior system. A negative number denotes an equation in the exterior system and a positive number an equation in the interior system. This is sometimes useful in diagnosing problems with the solution when debugging the software.
Loss of Coolant
loss of cell delineation. In ATM, the terminating equipment receives seven consecutive header error control headers.
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League of Oregon Cities
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Your location in game that is shown in a X,Y,Z value. Many people will use this to find specific people or NPCs. Usually a slash command to find it (/loc)
logistics operations center
Launch Operations Center
Limitation of Cost. A mandatory clause for cost-reimbursement type contracts. Under the clause, the sponsor is not obligated to reimburse the contractor for costs in excess of the stated amount. The contractor, however, is not obligated to continue performance once expenses reach the stated amount.
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Lever Of Care is a determination of the help needed to guarantee a person's health and safety.
Level Of Care
This function returns the current record number that a random access file pointer is set to.
level of concern. The concentration in air of an extremely hazardous substance above which there may be serious immediate health effects to anyone exposed to it for short periods
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Lock out Location specific advantages
A unit used in measuring or estimating the scale of programming or code conversion efforts.
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Location, specifies the geographical location of the host.
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See Lead On Chip
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Lock out Paid up policy
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Location or Whats your Location
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Localizer Receiver and Indicator
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Local time@Œ»'nŽžŠÔB