Definitions for "guidance"
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Provides the basic framework for CDC HIV prevention grantees (state and local health departments) to implement HIV prevention community planning. In December of 1993, the CDC officially initiated HIV Prevention Community Planning. In the summer of 1998, CDC issued a revised Guidance for HIV Prevention Community Planning.
Suggestions and recommendations for engaging in a comprehensive cancer planning process. As with the framework, actual use of the guidelines is expected to vary considerably.
The CDC document that gives information and rules for community planning and receiving CDC funds for HIV prevention programs.
(GUID ance) n: help or advice In large commands, the historian provides guidance on the preparation of staff section histories and compiles them into a complete unit history.
In DealBuilder, guidance can be added for every field. It will appear to the right of the prompt. In HotDocs, guidance is called resource text, and can appear in the Resource pane at the bottom of the interview, as a popup tip, or via a button in a separate window. In GhostFill, help text can be a popup tip or via a button into a separate window.
Help given by a teacher with learning, or with doing a task.
An effort by companies to provide analysts with sufficient information to create revenue and earnings projections.
Information that a company provides as an indication or estimate of their future earnings. Also known as "earnings guidance."
In financial reporting, guidance is a publicly traded corporation's official prediction of its own near-future profit or loss, stated as an amount of money per share. Guidance is usually given in a quarterly report to forecast the corporation's performance in the next quarter. Guidance is an aid to financial analysts and the stock market in valuing the corporation, and helps prevent overvaluation.
The act or result of guiding; the superintendence or assistance of a guide; direction; government; a leading.
Conducting or directing along a course of action.
something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
Connecting with the inner self that provides a sense of knowing as we attune to a higher dimension of self. Until we connect with guidance from within, we need guidance from an outer mentor, a moral code, or ethical philosophy.
Information, usually provided by a company director, about the companys outlook,...
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a related service; similar to counseling.
a critical factor associated with shorter time to approval
a well-drafted and essential policy document
Deriving properties in an image to describe a position at various points in time.