Definitions for "PHILOSOPHY"
Literally, the love of, inducing the search after, wisdom; in actual usage, the knowledge of phenomena as explained by, and resolved into, causes and reasons, powers and laws.
A particular philosophical system or theory; the hypothesis by which particular phenomena are explained.
Practical wisdom; calmness of temper and judgment; equanimity; fortitude; stoicism; as, to meet misfortune with philosophy.
Keywords:  nowhere, nothing, road, route, leading
A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing.
A route of many road leading from nowhere to nothing.
a broad global explanation of the world
a way of looking at man, his world, and his purpose
a way of looking at the world
Keywords:  treatise
A treatise on philosophy.
Keywords:  theology
An overall vision for guidance in life or some aspect of life.
a frame of reference for understanding and dealing with the concretes (and middle-level abstractions) we confront in life
a set of ideas used to guide us in our decisions and actions in life
Keywords:  ideational, overview, book, rule
an ideational overview, not a rule book
a never-ending process of formulating what one believes
Keywords:  sciences, course, schools, read
The course of sciences read in the schools.
Keywords:  regard, little, different
a little different in this regard
a commitment to a team-based learning environment
Keywords:  integrated, view, existence
an integrated view of existence
Keywords:  way, limits, powerful, seeing
a powerful way of seeing, and all philosophies have their limits
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