Definitions for "Value"
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The relative length or duration of a tone or note, answering to quantity in prosody; thus, a quarter note [?] has the value of two eighth notes [?].
That property of a color by which it is distinguished as bright or dark; luminosity.
Degree of lightness as conditioned by the presence of white or pale color, or their opposites.
Worth, desirability or utility.
The property or aggregate properties of a thing by which it is rendered useful or desirable, or the degree of such property or sum of properties; worth; excellence; utility; importance.
Worth estimated by any standard of purchasing power, especially by the market price, or the amount of money agreed upon as an equivalent to the utility and cost of anything.
A collective idea about what is right or wrong, good or bad, and desirable or undesirable in a particular culture.
There are many potential reasons to bet or raise (e.g., to get people to fold, to manipulate the size of the pot, to express anger, to impress someone watching from the rail, etc.). Betting for value is one of the better ones. Value means the return you get on your investment; the expected increase in your equity in the pot (your return), as compared to the size of your bet or raise (your investment). Typically this means either that you believe you will receive action from inferior hands, or that the chance you will win the hand makes the bet worthwhile.
That what we within some ethics believe to be worthwhile (see ethics).
The valuable ingredients to be obtained by treatment from any mass or compound; specif., the precious metals contained in rock, gravel, or the like; as, the vein carries good values; the values on the hanging walls.
Getting the best available odds on a betting proposition
Good odds, in other words, odds that do not represent the real chances of a horse winning, but are higher than would be expected. If you've worked out what you think are the real odds, and the Bookie is giving longer odds, this is a value bet. Assuming you know what you're talking about, of course.
a basic, established ideal of any society, the often unwritten standards and beliefs that guide its common life
a belief, a mission or a philosophy that has meaning to you
a belief, a mission, or a philosophy that is meaningful
Precise signification; import; as, the value of a word; the value of a legal instrument
something that is held to be important by the individual. Examples: education; honesty; openness..
business offering that is unique and superior in important ways from similar offerings of other businesses (p. 189)
One type of data that can be entered into a spreadsheet cell. It consists of numbers that can be added, subtracted, etc. (SpSht, Gr. 6) virtual reality: A lifelike world that is created by a computer in which participants can become part of the action. (WP, Gr. 6)
A numeric cell entry in a spreadsheet.
an actual number entered into a cell to be used in calculations
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Esteem; regard.
To rate highly; to have in high esteem; to hold in respect and estimation; to appreciate; to prize; as, to value one for his works or his virtues.
hold dear; "I prize these old photographs"
A value may be either an item label, an item element, an item pointer, a variable, true false scenery (100), heavy(99), nowhere lines (the number of lines the screen can display), random or an integer. For more information on constants and random see the section on Internals.
A computer term for an answer to a question. On a questionnaire, a question has an answer; but in a computer record variable has a value.
a measurement or classification of a variable.
See Instrumental value and Intrinsic value
within an HTML tag, value=... will set the field to that value, and if id= FieldId is also present, then scripting languages such as JavaScript can read or set the value via FieldId.value. (But see Intrinsic Events for problem with XML data.)
An investment style that selects stocks of companies that are priced below their estimated value. A company exhibiting good value is generally taken to mean that its assets are selling for less than their intrinsic value, and such companies tend to have low price-to-earnings or price-to-book ratios.
The amount of return you get on your investment.
A fair price or return.
A Value security is one that is seen to be under valued relative to its "fair" market value. An investor who purchases a Value security is expecting that once the market realize that the stock is in fact undervalued, the price of the stock will rise.
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a numerical property relative to zero plus or minus
The numerical value of a card. For number cards the value is simply the face value of the card (2, 3, 4, etc.). For the other cards, the ace generally has a value of 1, a jack has a value of 11, a queen has a value of 12, and a king has a value of 13.
Value refers to the numerical value of a card.
a quality that we should empower our children to cherish, internalise and bring into their thoughts, words and behaviour
The measure of the amount of quality a customer receives compared with price.
Value=Function/cost. Value is the exchange for which customer pays. Value can also equate to quality over Cost, ie the higher the quality the lower should be the cost in the real context. It can also construed being tha higher the quality is the higher the cost of implementing it, but this is not the kind we talk about. No doubt that some times it takes higher cost to improve quality but in the long term cost like hidden, opportunity cost will be reduced perpertually
An assessment of the (perceived) benefits of a service versus the (perceived) costs associated with it.
Refers to those characteristics resulting from a wetland function that are perceived by society as desirable and worthy of protection, or those characteristics that contribute to the habitat quality of the resident biota.
The ratio of perceived benefits compared to price for a product or service.
In CSS , a value is a length, quality, type or URL assigned to a style property for an element. CSS properties each have specific ranges of value or token types which may be declared for them.
a supremum with respect to a set if it is at least as large as any element of that set
Registry element that is the entry or value for a registry key or subkey.
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Value is a complete PHP/MySQL and J2EE middleware / server side accounting system/ERP/CRM geared for users ranging from soho to large corporations.
Imports: "VALUE" refers to the U.S. Customs value or the value of merchandise for duty purposes. It is usually the selling price in the foreign country of origin. It excludes freight costs, insurance, and other charges incurred in bringing the merchandise from the foreign country to the United States. Exports: "VALUE" refers to the value of the merchandise, usually the selling price, plus insurance, and freight at the U.S. port of export. The value, as defined, excludes the cost of loading the merchandise aboard the exporting carrier at the port of export and also excludes freight, insurance, and any charges or transportation costs beyond the U.S. port of exportation.
The value received for the complete systems at the company's net billing price, freight-on-board factory, including charges for cooperative advertising and warranties. This does not include excise taxes, freight or transportation charges, or installation charges.
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Information that is supplied by the filer and inserted in a data field. For example, the Name data field would indicate the name of the person to be contacted who could answer questions about a particular filing.
A data item inserted in place of a merge field code. e.g The merge field code might specify forename. A value for this might then be Mary.
The data that users place in a field.
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እሴት View
gatii View
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a prognostic marker
Any particular quantitative determination; as, a function's value for some special value of its argument.
In mathematics, value commonly refers to the 'output' of a function. In the most basic case, that of unary, single-valued functions, there is one input (the argument) and one output (the value of the function).
An individual element of an attribute. An attribute which contains more than one value is typically referred to as a "multivalued" attribute.
The content of a metadata element, which provides information about a characteristic or attribute of a resource, such as Date (element) 2004 (value).
a human quality or attribute that we feel is worthy, positive, and which we approve
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See Munsell value.
a concept (well, it can also be other things but
a measure that associates the user to that concept
a thing whose identity is a function of its state
The contents of an object property. Many properties can have multiple values, such as a telephone number property containing three different telephone numbers. Each telephone number is a value of the property. Access rights control access to a property, but not to individual values of a property.
an object chosen from a defined set, which is its type e
an object of action
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a measure of a patient's level of sensitization to HLA antigens
an extremely useful measure of a patient's risk of progression after surgery," Freedland says
Except as otherwise provided with respect to negotiable instruments and bank collections, a person gives value for rights if he acquires them: 1. In return for a binding commitment to extend credit or for the extension of immediate available credit, whether or not drawn upon and whether or not a chargeback is provided for in the event of difficulties in collection; 2. As security for or in total or partial satisfaction of a preexisting claim; 3. By accepting delivery pursuant to a preexisting contract for purchase; 4. Generally, in return for any consideration sufficient to support a simple contract.
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a MUST for you to BE YOURSELF
The 3 digit part of the POKE. This is the, erm, VALUE you will be altering the ADDRESS to. Can only be between 0 and 255.
An LME term referring to a price which is traded in a volume sufficient to satisfy all the current buyers and sellers at that price.
The price of a property under normal market conditions, ie: when the buyer is not forced to buy and the seller not forced to sell.
The price that might an interested in property or some other asset might reasonably be expected to fetch if disposed of at right
To raise to estimation; to cause to have value, either real or apparent; to enhance in value.
estimate the value of; "How would you rate his chances to become President?"; "Gold was rated highly among the Romans"
a rough estimate of the overall sensitivity, from the manufacturer
Any measure applied to an individual as opposed to a population. Examples are phenotypic value, genotypic value, breeding value, and environmental effect.
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CHAR Value of option.
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The dollar amount of the advertised item that includes unpaid real estate taxes, non-ad valorem assessments, penalties, advertising costs and fees owed by a delinquent taxpayer.
the data that a slot contains. More specifically, the filler of the "filler" facet, as opposed to "default" or "semantic constraints" facet.
fix or determine the value of; assign a value to; "value the jewelry and art work in the estate"
a run-time entity with a given type which can be assigned to an object of an appropriate subtype of the type
Summary can be configured to assign a value to each visit. The value is calculated based on settings on the Groups configuration page. Click here for more information.
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the text that labels a major tick mark on an axis. Also, in a legend, a value is a line, bar, or shape that the legend explains.
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The sell value in Bounty of an item. See Bounty.
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Describes stocks in a market which have relatively low Price-to-Earnings or other valuation ratio. Typically slow growth, high dividend companies. Typically safer than growth stocks with high valuations.
Stocks that carry relatively low valuations, because slower growth is expected.
Value refers to the assurance that consideration has been given to the cost of replacing an asset (i.e. how much is it going to cost if the asset has to be replaced? What is the asset's value? Is it high value, costly to replace, or low value?)
a feeling articulated conceptually in language
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Version Control Voice Of The Employee (voe)
a particular instance that a property or category can take
Anything that may be a legitimate (actual) parameter in a request. In particular, a value is an instance of an IDL data type.
a data structure that is the result of an Obliq computation
a code sequence of one or more key codes (separated by a ',' delimiter) to be transmitted when you use the X-key defined
Often kept in a node (see node) along with the key (see key), a value is auxiliary data not used to determine ordering of nodes.
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a deep down, internal rule we've set to help us describe what's happening in our world
an abstraction from particulars across a great span of behavioral backgrounds, and the particulars need to be both specified and measured
an abstraction, which needs interpreting
A criterion or a standard of preference.
a byte representation on the stack
a representation of an in-parameter
An amount written in numbers, not in words, pictures, etc.
A setting for a key possessed by an entity. Depending on the key, values can be numbers, pathnames, word strings, or word commands. See individual Entity descriptions for details.
a sequence of zero or more items
In computer science, a value is a sequence of bits that is interpreted according to some data type. It is possible for the same sequence of bits to have different values, depending on the type used to interpret its meaning. For instance, the value could be an integer or floating point value, or a string.
A temporary state of emphasis. For example, the value of the note C will differ throughout a melody depending on the context which has been set up for it.
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a kind of facade, and that's what americans vote for
The contents of a cell, perhaps a number or a formula.
The number resulting from the execution of a formula.
a number which needs to be used for searching
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google_ad_client = "pub-4630583357394295"; google_ad_width = 120; google_ad_height = 600; google_ad_format = "120x600_as";
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The date on which funds will be transferred. For an option, this is usually spot value from the expiry date. Also see cleared
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The real estate agent valued our house at 40 million yen.
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Refers to the characters entered into a field. As in, the value in the Company Name field is Black Bear Systems, Inc..
A measure from white to black, the higher the value, the darker the image.
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a further breakdown of a column
A single value, as in the data for a column or field.
a task, a motivation, an incentive to take action
The same as turnover, i.e., the currency value of a market or share for a trading period.
See [Market Value
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The overall appeal and usefulness of the product or service to the prospect. Rarely is value simply a function of price (which typically ranks fourth among purchase considerations).
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That which is perfect or perfective.
a number or text that doesn't change unless you edit it
This is the current price of the security multiplied by the number of shares you own. If you own 1000 shares of Apple Computer, and the shares are selling for $25, the value should be $25,000.
a string, the name of a measurement (number, date, enumeration, etc
In an artistical composition, the character of any one part in its relation to other parts and to the whole; -- often used in the plural; as, the values are well given, or well maintained.
an emotional commitment; link-theme between spiritual dimension and emotional dimension
a general, normative orientation of action in a social system
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a fact that is understood in relation to human life
Used to refer to a statistic (metric) when included in a monitoring device.
Evidence based on the audience's preferred value.
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an ideal accepted by some individual or group; "he has old-fashioned values"
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an entity that takes on one of nine types
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a simple name or a class template
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A social principle, goal, or standard held or accepted by a person or community.
A capability provided to a customer at the right time at an appropriate price, as defined in each case by the customer.
see customer value.
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a square net
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an expression of its ability to absorb heat
added tax A tax applied to the additional value created at a given stage of production and calculated as the difference between the product value at that stage and the cost of all materials and services purchased as inputs.
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a set of players such as 'red, green, blue'
a text string that further characterizes the properties of some Entity or Event
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a member of the set if it lies within one of the ranges
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That which you act to gain and/or keep.
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that which one acts to gain or keep
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See Actual cash value.
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to, and of, life
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see call by value
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See property value.