Definitions for "Postmodernism"
"Postmodernity" refers to the current historical era and its spirit of skepticism toward the Enlightenment concepts of perpetual progress, absolute truth, and the superiority of science to other ways of knowing, as well as an attitude of openness toward global cultural integration, new technologies, and social ambiguity.
A recent movement in philosophy, the arts and social sciences characterized by scepticism towards the grand claims and grand theory of the modern era, and their privileged vantage point, stressing in its place an openness to a range of voices in social enquiry, artistic experimentation and political empowerment (Johnston et al. 1994).
A philosophical school which views modernism as being ethnocentric and tied to western intellectual and economic colonialism. The view that wholesale adoption of modern western cultural values, economic practices, social organizations, ways of thinking, and personality development are not necessary or even desirable for all peoples.
Neo hides his illicit software within a chapter titled "On Nihilism" within a volume called "Simulacra and Simulation," by Jean Baudrillard. This seminal work of postmodernism advances the idea of a copy without an original. The Wachowski brothers assigned Keanu Reeves to read this book before filming began.
A style of music that consciously draws from elements of other styles
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