Definitions for "Belief system"
a set of constructs, theories, ideas , attitudes and behaviour patterns which enable an individual to understand their world etc
a set of thoughts, rules, attitudes, expectations and behaviors that are imbedded in your mind
a success matrix for the community they serve A friend suggested a test of christianity to prove it false is to eliminate all that is christian and see what happens in its absence
A shared system of beliefs and values that systematically define a way of perceiving the social, cultural, physical and psychological world.
a large pattern that runs through a family system for generations and also runs through many societies and cultures
a set of values and beliefs that give meaning to one's life
the organized and integrated perceptions of individuals in a society, including foreign-policy decisionmakers, often based on past history, that guide them to select certain policies over others (139) see also: cognitive consistency
a mental disorder when it causes believers to deny the observations of empirical methodologies
a series of foundations for forming further beliefs
a series of frames of reference by which an individual lives, accepting information that reinforces beliefs, and rejecting information that conflicts
set of beliefs so related or connected as to form (or be considered) a unity or organic whole