Definitions for "Behaviour"
to act, function or respond in a specified or usual way. All our behaviour is unconsciously carried out. Behaviour is programmed by our beliefs and values.
The way an object apparently responds to external stimuli; specifically the responses programmed in its methods.
Activity, or the combination of observable and describable responses of an agent to internal and external stimuli. The term is included here because of its connotations in behavioural science and the potentially rich implications the latter has for the description and interpretation of the experience of works of art. See, e.g., ethology, phenomenology.
describes an animal's posture, actions, activity and can include various levels of detail such as: muscle tone or contraction, the position and movement of parts of the body, movement of the whole animal and interaction of the animal with its environment or with other animals.
measurable actions, thoughts or feelings displayed by humans
The action or reaction of something (as a machine or substance) under specified circumstances.
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manner of acting or conducting yourself
the activity or pattern of activity of the cat (also spelt behavior)
The manner of conducting yourself; the response of individuals or groups to their environment.
The dynamic behaviour of the vehicle, according to the tyre fitted may be described by means of a large number of items, each one regarding a certain phenomena, and evaluated by sensation by specially trained testers. These items together define the evaluation form of the tyre (dry road classification) and can be combined in four fundamental areas: Straight line driving, soft handling, hard handling and Comfort.
Classical Aesthetics dealt with the behaviour of forms, Technoetic Aesthetics deals with forms of behaviour.
In Dreamweaver, interaction between objects of a Web page, for instance, the change in the display of a page element when the mouse pointer is placed over a link.
a switchable container that holds modifiers
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Behaviour is the fifth album, the fourth of entirely new music, by the UK electronic music group Pet Shop Boys. It was first released in 1990. It was also released in Japan with an additional CD3.
Within the context of qualitative reasoning and modelling, the behaviour of a system means the changes of the quantity values as the result of processes with are active within the modelled system.
What people do as opposed to what they think. In a marketing context, behavioural research, behavioural segmentation, and behavioural theory are concerned with people's buying and consuming activities.
a (in)finite non-empty sequence of states, whereas a state is a mapping of variables to values
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a valid precedent
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how an organism reacts to a certain condition.
(behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people