Definitions for "Holds"
Prohibition on release of an offender due to sentence at another jurisdiction that is consecutive to Nevada's sentence or a longer concurrent sentence, or a parole and probation order, or a deportation order.
A hold is a sanction placed on the account of a student who is delinquent. A hold will prohibit the release of transcripts and diplomas and prohibit future enrollment (including adds and section changes) until the account is brought current. For an immediate release of a HOLD, payment must be made by cash, cashier's check, money order, Discover, or Mastercard (sorry -Visa is not accepted). Due to the large number of bad checks presented, the University delays the release of HOLDS on accounts paid by personal checks for a period of three weeks.
A hold is placed on a student's academic record for failure to meet university obligations such as payment of outstanding fees, university standards violations, etc. Some university services may be withheld until all obligations are met. Holds may also be placed to require students to seek academic advising assistance.
Cradle, Cross-Cradle, Football, Lying Down: Several holds designed for efficiency and comfort when nursing.
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Made of a sand and resin mix. They come in various shapes, sizes and colours that can be bolted to the climbing wall surface to provide routes of a given grade and a variety of climbing styles.
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See Service Holds/Indicators.