Definitions for "Academic warning"
(W) An indication that a student is in academic difficulty which could lead to dismissal from the university.
Students are placed on first academic warning: if they receive below a 2.0 GPA and/or fail to complete at least 70% of the graded courses each term. At this state, students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor prior to registration. second academic warning: students are required to meet with an academic advisor and complete the Second Academic Warning Worksheet. third academic warning: students must complete the Academic Reinstatement Petition with their advisors and submit the petition to Enrollment Services. See details for academic warning procedures on page 22 of the 2003-04 catalog
status of a student who, at any point after six credits (or two courses) are attempted, falls below the prescribed minimum standards for good academic standing.
an informal sanction without a notation on the transcript
One of the possible outcomes of the Academic Performance Evaluation process.