Definitions for "Enrolment"
After accepting a place in a course applicants will be required to enrol with SCU by a certain time. Shortly after you receive your offer, you will receive a separate enrolment package from our institution.
the total number of students who have registered as of August 31 in a given school year.
Enrolment and Registration are two separate actions. Enrolment is defined as follows. Students enrol by placing themselves in courses, using the York Enrolment System, in accordance with the regulations of the Faculty and its teaching units.
The act of enrolling or having one's name added to the list of electors entitled to vote.
You cannot vote at an election unless your name is on the electoral roll. Australian citizens over 18 years of age (with a few exceptions) must enrol to vote.
The placement of one's name and address on the register of electors. You cannot vote at an election unless you are enrolled. Australian citizens over 18 years of age (with a few exceptions) must enrol to vote.
The process of collecting biometric samples from a person and the subsequent preparation and storage of biometric reference templates representing that person's identity.
The initial process of collecting biometric data from a user and then storing it in a template for future comparison.
Biometric characteristics, which can be analysed by sensors are next to others such as finger print, hand geometry, face, voice or signature. In order to be able to recognise the biometric characteristics, a person has to be recorded in the system. This process is called enrolment.
copy of a deed kept on a court roll
the ability of a trilobite to roll themselves up so that only the hard exoskeleton is exposed. Usually involves tucking the pygidium beneath the cephalon Eye lobe: containing the palpebral lobe and visual surface of the eye
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All new SpRs and LATs/FTTAs need to enrol with JCHMT after being appointed. Does not happen automatically.
The acceptance by the Census Board of a soldier of the Salvation Army; the term is also used for the "swearing in" ceremony.
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The process of entering a woman's cervical smear information and results on the NCSR
Shortly after they receive their offer, successful applicants receive a separate enrolment package from the institution, not from QTAC.
the entering of an agreement or transaction into the records of a court.